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Esri Contributor

Yesterday, ArcGIS Pro 3.2 was released. This release was an absolute blockbuster for ideas. In total, the Pro product team implemented nearly 120 user ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.2! Collectively, these ideas had over 1,500 kudos, making these implemented ideas some of our most popular of all time in Esri Community. 

To celebrate the implementation of these ideas, I have created an overview video highlighting about 70 of the ideas implemented in this release of ArcGIS Pro.  While not all ideas made it into the video, all ideas implemented in this release are included in the below text, with hyperlinks to the original idea. Any idea with a video demo will also have a timestamp that hyperlinks to the demo in the compilation video. 

Without further ado, here are your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.2! 

Top 10 Most Requested

 X-Ray for ArcGIS Pro  (0:07

In ArcGIS PRO allow formal edit sessions for unversioned data in an enterprise GDB (0:20

Print Preview in Pro (0:54

Data Driven Pages Thematic Map Book  (1:11

Data driven pages (ArcGIS Pro Map Series) should have more export file type options (1:40

An Arcpy method for dealing with related records (1:56

ArcGIS Pro "Export Map Styles" for bulk saving of symbols (2:50

Make function to access the Geodatabase elements date and size (3:20

Legend: Only show classes from this heading (3:30

ArcGIS Pro Select by Attribute show ALL values (3:44


Show keyboard shortcut on tooltip

Context related Save behaviour when using Ctrl+S

Analysis and Geoprocessing 

ArcPy and 

arcpy.da.SearchCursor filter by location (12:53

Add graphic element with ArcPy (13:23

Arcpy Modify Graphic Elements 

Create Bookmark Toolbox (13:32

Create Bookmarks using an Arcpy function? (13:34

Possibility to change query layer definition with arcpy (not definition query) 

Add python command for create map series and export as layout

Add new Text Element to Map Document using arcpy

Insert picture and object from arcpy.mapping 

Bring back full arcpy.GetMessages() messages in ArcGIS Pro!


Python Window AutoSuggest Accept Hotkey Change

update PDF tools to pypdf

Make Python Toolbox parameters a namedtuple instead of a list

Support Pro Python Window options 

Add sum method to Raster Object


Multi-Histograms (13:43)  


Icons for custom geoprocessing tools - ArcGIS Pro (11:05)

Spatial Join by Attribute (Match Fields) (11:21

Ability to calculate field on highlighted records only (yellow selection in attribute table) while r... (11:32)

Ability to add custom Toolbox to the Geoprocessing Pane (11:54

Standardise KML to Layer row ID field name (12:00)

Bring back highlighting fields that don't match in red in field mapping (12:24)

Spatial Join Merge Rule Multiple Fields 

Upgrade Point To Line tool

Completly turn off tools that consume credits

Intuitive/consistent wording for "Display XY Data"

Allow an output location to be specified in KML to layer tool.

Add Join should warn us if join table has a definition query

Field Mapping - Field Name - disallow spaces

Export Table tool should not create OID_ field when exporting to CSV format

Support VB expressions in Calculate Field

Geoprocessing "Back" arrow should return to the previous GUI Pane

When exporting features from selection layer with definition query, respect both filters

Calculating geometry on feature classes with joined tables

"The input has a selection." - slap a clear button in there!

Layer to KML transform control


Add "Zero" to valid parity values in locator.


Button to re-open model progression pop-up or ribbon model terminate button (12:37)

Network Analyst

Make network build type configurable (15:06)

Calculate Transit Service Frequency - Allow route types to be excluded (15:19)

Image Analyst 

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: Support for Stealth Mouse

Data Management 

Content Management 

duplicate layout (8:26

Enable spatial filtering for portal searches in ArcGIS Pro (8:36)

Add more filters for Living Atlas (8:34)

Maintain Recent Projects Sort Order (8:53

Denote Authoritative Content in the Add Data and Catalog Panes (9:11)

Pro Catalog: Sort by Feature Geometry (e.g. Point, Line, Poly, Table) (9:29)

Recognize Folder Shortcut type in Add Data Dialog (9:36)

Catalog View: Expand TOC folders when dragging files over them

Catalog Expand to Open Folder

ArcGIS Pro: 2.4.2: Why saving the aprx file requires typing the file name and location separately?

Switch back from Catalog View to Catalog Pane

Improve messages returned by compact/compress tools in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro feature renaming

Pro: Limit search for template to groups that only contain template files

Ctrl+L to focus & select path in address bar (Catalog view, browse boxes, etc)

Pro: When setting indexing properties, report failure to schedule indexing

Catalog — CTRL + double-click to Open Table


Defining Database Connection Name while creating (9:46)

Refresh Domains (9:53)

Add a refresh button to the Fields view (10:03

Database Connection —> Properties —> Name textbox

Automation Option for Data Dictionary in X-Ray Tools

Consistent default data type in Create Feature Class vs. Fields View 

Mapping and Visualization 

Map Authoring 

Deselect features from Table of Contents selection tab in ArcGIS Pro (3:58)

Show count of "all other values" in Symbology Pane but do not show in legend (4:12)

Folders in XY Coordinate System Favorites! (4:21

Copy the text from "Source" (Layer Properties) (4:31

ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2: Exporting Data tool from map service is not available (5:11

Add an Apply button to the Layer Properties dialog (5:39

Add an Apply button to ArcGIS Pro Map Properties (5:41)

When saving definition query, use definition query name as file name by default (5:59)

Symbology: Please Represent true Symbol Sizes in the TOC (6:28

Grouping Layers in Data Source Tab in ArcGIS Pro (7:03)

ArcGIS Pro Change Data Sources for Services (7:13)

Contents — Apply all properties from one layer to a different layer (7:30

Selection Layer should persist when copied/dragged between instances of ArcGIS Pro

Set reference scale on layer independent of map's reference scale

Definition query QAT icon

ArcGIS Pro 2.6: An option to “clear” the coordinate system of “Map” to get it to “unknown” as it is ...

Map Exploration 

ArcGIS Pro to have the similar Table Appearance option like ArcMap (7:43

Be able to see an entire cell in Pro attribute tables. Equivalent to ArcMap. (7:50

Coordinate selection color in map and table for Pro (8:13

No time in Date field

Scene Layers 

Add a “Use as ground” entry to the single-band raster layers’ local menu


Make it possible for user to set a shortcut (accelerator) for create a rectangle. (10:13

Setting the origin vertex of a polygon (Set Origin Vertex tool from ArcMap) (10:53)

Make 'Enable and Disable Editing from the Edit Tab' being checked 'on' (i.e. having an Edit button) ...

Multiscale Mapping

Auto-Apply for Symbology Changes (13:59


Allow sorting on any field in Table Frames (14:15)

Use [a] and [d] keys to add/delete vertices on layout elements (14:35)

Sort Table Attribute Dynamic Text based on Symbology order (14:47)

Allow sorting on any field in Table Frames 

Add option to round scale up only-Map Series Best Fit

ArcGIS Pro Mosaic Datasets - Implement Page Query

Change "Save" terminology when exporting a layout

ArcGIS Pro - Fill a column completely before going to the next in the layout table frame

Legend element pane - keep Spacing expanded

Ctrl + double click to open attribute table in Layout


Provide an option to retain CAD annotation as they are, before converting them to labels in ArcGIS P...

Parcel Fabric 

Allow me to choose the editing template of the starting course of the Traverse tool. (15:34)

Parcel Fabric Traverse: choose a default layer to edit (15:36

Bearing Reversal within Traverse Grid (16:00

Exposing Direction Types in Parcel Fabric Least Squares Adjustment (16:22)

Highlight Gaps and Overlaps in multiple parcel layers simultaneously (16:43

Provide methods to select and manipulate a parcel fabric record using Python or Model Builder. (17:12

Sharing and Publishing 

Add "Save As SD" to overwrite an existing service - Overwrite Web Layer (17:36)


Thank you all for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro better for you, your work, and the work of other users. I would like to extend a special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release: 

@MichaelVolz @JeffWielki1 @RoyHewitt @WillyLynch2 @IlkaIllers1 @HeatherScroggins @wayfaringrob @Thomas_Z1 @rkraujutis @XanderBakker @JeanBissonnette @LindsaySpencer @PiotrIwaniuk @GusMartinka @Spatial_Fabio @KirkHayer @TimothyHales @ArtK @DavidAnderson_GISS @Luke_Pinner @ChrisSnyder @JohnMDye @OmerZilkha @JeremyGraham @MiguelMartinezYordan @CalebGarrett @JeromeHaaland @DuncanHornby @Michele_Hosking @DuncanSmith @MarkVolz @Bud @JeffreySwain @GS3 @AlexEbenstein @RichKern @KD_ @MarcelSt-Germain @jakek @Slamon @Meg_Southee_WCS @JamalNUMAN @ThomasHoman @ThomasColson @kerwintalbot1 @RMaron @HollyTorpey_LSA @SteveOliver @SeanHlousek @RichardHughes2 @LukeSavage @MichaelGrieco @BrentEstrem @graharg_MAO MilenaBernardinello JohannaKraus2 AmariKotze KateNewell1 HansRasmussen RichardFairhurst AndrewWallick SeanLyons LucasBeauchamp SusanLMooreDeanAnderson2 PatriceLabbé TimJohnston5 MatthewDriscoll StephenKCA GeneLohrmeyer RichardHowe ForrestBowlick RVG296 AlexZhuk DavidAnderson_1701 BarbaraSchneider2

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro's development priorities for the future! Search, Participate, and Create in the ArcGIS Pro Idea Exchange

To learn more about what's new in ArcGIS Pro 3.2, head over to the What's New documentation and What's New blog


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Esri Contributor

Hello everyone!

On February 23, 2023, we released ArcGIS Pro 3.1. As we do with every release of ArcGIS Pro, we worked to incorporate your ideas into the product, based on your feedback though ArcGIS Ideas and the kudos given to these ideas. This is my first release taking over Ideas wrap-up from Kory, so thank you for your patience as I created this!

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 includes more than 60 ideas submitted through ArcGIS Ideas. Take a look at the video to see quick demos of your ideas in action. Not all implemented ideas were included in the video, but those that are list the bookmarked time below, so you can hop right to the demo you're most interested in seeing. You can also view these bookmarks in the video directly; just click the burger menu in the top left corner of the video to expose all bookmarks. You can also search for ideas of interest right here as well!

Without further ado, here are your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.1!


Most Requested

Ability to edit standalone tables in ArcMap just as easily as feature classes (9:27)

Add a "Change Layout" Button for ArcGIS Pro (9:11)

Control ArcGIS Pro Named User License Expiration Message from ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Pro Scale-Based Labeling Like Scale-Based Symbology (9:01)



ArcGIS Pro Keybind (Accelerator) Customization (4:49

Implement right-click menu single-key accelerators in ArcGIS Pro  (5:00

Moving multiple tabs (5:11

Enable setting location of temporary directory in Pro, like ARCTMPDIR in ArcMap 


Analysis and Geoprocessing

Improvement polygon volume (0:21

Removing map from ArcGIS Pro project using ArcPy (8:49

Create a new map in ArcGIS Pro with arcpy (8:52

Arcpy Access to Map Series Export Progress (8:41

Expose the isReadOnly property on an aprx object in (8:35

Return Object for importDocument () 

Improve "Copy Python command" by including parameter names (3:19

Add support for accessing geoprocessing history items programmatically using the ArcGIS Pro SDK 

Creating chainage points with distance from start point included (3:39

Attribute Table Columns Order vs Geoprocessing Alphabetic Order (3:47)

Add ability to Export to KML to 'Export to KML' tool (4:00

Make the Calculate Field GUI bigger (longer) by default. (4:29

Graphics-Polygon to clip Raster (8:21

Enhance isolated conda installation to support conda init 

Remove arcgis as a dependency from arcpy


Data Management 

Ask to save changes when closing Fields, Domains views (0:43

Compare Replica Schema Geoprocessing Tool In ArcGIS Pro (1:01

Delete multiple domains instead of one at time (1:12

Set Domains in Create Feature Class (1:20

Filter Catalog EGDB FCs by owner (1:27

Keyboard Navigation of Catalog; Type to Select Item (1:35

Add my computer to catalog view and favorites back to add data to map (1:47

Add Data - favorites (1:55

Thumbnails in ArcGIS Pro Recent Projects (2:08

Mobile Geodatabase as Default (2:17

Add Backstage Resources Button and Page (2:46

Explore Tool as Default in Pro Parcel Fabric (2:55

Allow Duplication Repeat of Parcels (8:13

"Set Historic" tool should work on selected points 

Preview Assigned ID before Sharing As Web Layer (3:04


Mapping and Visualization 

Add Pie Charts to ArcGIS Pro Tabular Charts (0:31

Use Arcade in Chart Variables (0:38

Double click layer class in TOC to open Labeling Properties pane (3:11

Choose level of transparency / raster merge on export (5:20

Horizontal legend for raster files (5:31

Add back into ArcGIS Pro the ability to have nested display of graduated symbols in the legend (5:42

Having built-in polygon outline styles in ArcGIS Pro (5:54

Sort feature drawing order by date or other field (6:19

WMTS Time Dimension Support in Pro (6:40

Make the automatic applying of datum transformations a setting which can be optionally turned off. (6:50

Symbology Quantities to show count (7:01

Table of contents : make cursor visible even if text is longer than pannel's width (7:11

Pie Charts as Symbology - size defined by expression 

Alt+Click to 'make this the only selectable layer' - fully implement 

Make Layer from Selected features using Subtype Layers

Visible path for open tables (7:23

Enhanced Magnifier window for ArcGIS Pro (7:32

Maintain angle of polygon fill when data fram is rotated (7:59

Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro better for you and your work! A special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release: 

@StephanieGoudeseune @GraemeBrowning @RonnieRichards @RossVolkwein1 @JustinReynolds @BrettFrahm @SimonKettle @wayfaringrob @AdamDorn @AndriusKucas @NathanHeickLACSD @Bud @NickNuebel @MarkVolz @LynnMoe @JFBellemare @feralcatcolonist @DavidHowes @KarinPierce @LongDinh @mpboyle @PeterKnoop @MikeDavlantes @JordanFuhrmann @MiguelMartinezYordan @DWR_BuckEhler @Marie_Ducharme @PeteJordan @TS4 @Suleyman-Arslan @MatAzzopardi @JoeFlannery @FranzLeonardo @DeniseKelsey @GergelySzalay2 @Srinivasa_RaoJalaparti @NicolasReinhard @WilliamGillman @JakeKrall @GregoireS @IlkaIllers1 @RavitejaViswanadha_CyientInc @AndyAston @AndrewRudin @MichaelSnook @jcarlson @WinnieLau @Luke_Pinner @DanPatterson 

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro’s development priorities for the future!  Search, Participate, and Create in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.

To learn more about what’s new in ArcGIS Pro 3.1, head on over to the What’s new… help topic.

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Esri Community Moderator

ArcGIS Pro 3.0 brings to life more than 50 ideas with over 650 kudos. Learn about which user ideas you can look forward to when you upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 3.0.


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by Anonymous User
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With the ArcGIS Online update on December 8, the team incorporated a number of ArcGIS Ideas. Check out the list below for the details.


Map Viewer

The updates to Map Viewer incorporated a lot of customer ideas - from new functionality such as Arcade expressions for cluster pop-ups and dynamic GeoJSON layers to features such as HTML in pop-ups and zoom to selected features that bring Map Viewer even closer to parity with Map Viewer Classic. Below is the full list of Map Viewer ideas at this update.


Adding GeoJSON layers from a URL to Map Viewer

You can now add GeoJSON layers from a URL to Map Viewer. This means that any updates made to the GeoJSON layer will appear in the web map. This has been a highly requested feature and has a couple of associated ideas. 




Attribute table enhancements

You can now zoom to features that are selected in the attribute table. This is an improved implementation of the same functionality in Map Viewer Classic. 





At the December '21 update, you can now edit the source HTML in pop-ups and leverage an expanded array of supported tags and attributes.




You can also return rich text, charts, and lists of fields directly from an Arcade expression. When you add an Arcade element, the Arcade editor provides templates of the three different outputs that you can return for direct use in the pop-up. 




Lastly, you can now utilize Arcade expressions in cluster pop-ups. The below image showcases the new global, $aggregatedFeatures, used to access the features in the cluster, and the function Expects, which enables requesting only fields that are needed in the expression. 




Hosted Feature Layers

At the December '21 update there is improved credit estimation, warning, and prevention (if amount of credits consumed will exceed budget) for geocoding jobs when publishing hosted feature layers from within ArcGIS Online. Creating hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online has also been improved to reflect the most common types of layers created, allow for more flexibility for sublayers, and provide a prompt to finish setting up the layer's schema.



ArcGIS Dashboards

The highlight for the ArcGIS Dashboards update is a new table element. This has been a top-requested feature and there are several different ideas that are implemented with this addition. 




For a comprehensive look at the December 2021 ArcGIS Online update, check out the What's New blog, video, and documentation. Thanks for submitting your ideas, and be sure to continue submitting your feature requests in line with the Submission Guidelines to ArcGIS Ideas


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Esri Community Moderator

ArcGIS Pro 2.9 brings to life 60 ideas with more than 1,500 kudos.  Learn about which user ideas you can look forward to when you upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.9.


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by Anonymous User
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Learn the ArcGIS Ideas that were implemented at the September 2021 ArcGIS Online update. 



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by Anonymous User
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Check out the ArcGIS Ideas implemented at the June 2021 ArcGIS Online update. 


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Esri Community Moderator

Let’s take a moment to look at some of the new functionality in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 that was requested here in Esri Community, particularly in ArcGIS Ideas.


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Esri Community Moderator

The ArcGIS Pro 2.8 release focuses on performance and productivity improvements in addition to new capabilities.  Learn about which user ideas you can look forward to when you upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.8.


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by Anonymous User
Not applicable

See the ArcGIS Ideas that were implemented at the April 2021 ArcGIS Online update!


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