Insert picture and object from arcpy.mapping

10-11-2012 05:59 AM
Status: Implemented
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Provide a way to add pictures and objects to the layout using arcpy.mapping.


Hi Thales,
Thanks for postign my idea.
I use a word doc as my title block, and it would be great to be able to build a little add in to add the title block object !!
Even if you save an mxd (or as template) the objects are not maintained when reopening which is quite annoying.

Seems silly that there is no built in Title block.

Hopefully this will be included in the next build.
Status changed to: In Product Plan

This will be available at Pro 3.2.  You will have the ability to create new Layouts and layout elements including picture elements.  The function will be ArcGISProject.createPictureElement().  Its on the ArcGISProject object because you can create picture elements on a layout OR in a map's graphics layer.

Note - we don't have currently plans to add an Object.

Jeff - Layout and teams

Status changed to: Implemented

This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.2. Please see the What's New documentation for more new features in Pro 3.2.

The Your Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.2 blog and video have been posted to the Esri Community blog. You can take a look at these to see your idea and all others that were implemented in this release of ArcGIS Pro.

Jeff - Layout and teams