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08-15-2018 12:34 PM
Status: Implemented
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I would like the ability to preview a print in Pro before sending it to a printer/plotter.


I would also like to see a Print Preview option in ArcGIS Pro.


Hello everyone,

Feel free to also call in and create a support case to be attached to the following internal enhancement:

[ENH-000118063: Create a Print Preview button in ArcGIS Pro]

We look forward to hearing from you!


Esri Support Services


Hi Rachel,

Are you serious that we need to call in on this in order to show our level of interest/need for this basic functionality? The challenge is that many of the agencies that us GIS professionals work for are only allocated one POC by Esri. This makes it next to impossible to log calls with Tech Support. Being able to show this interest via an online solution would be much appreciated?


I would really like this feature. They could even roll out a simplified form initially and then improve it in later versions. Just a simple indication of how the current layout is expected to fit onto your current printer page settings. Also, can't find options for quality of the export when printing, in case you want to do a draft print? There were a bunch of simple but useful options with ArcMap. Once again I'm kind of scratching my head why simple functionality in ArcMap that literally everyone made use of wouldn't be included in Pro, especially since so much effort was put into modernizing/expanding the Layout workflow. I do like that they included options for tile overlap though, that's actually going to be really helpful... but in context it's pretty lackluster when those are literally the only print options available to you, and there's no in-menu description, guide, or tooltip to tell you what exactly it does or how to use it effectively. (I'm using 2.4)


Hello Patrick!

Your post on ArcGIS Ideas will definitely be seen by Development -- you don't need to call in, as you've already posted here! Internal enhancements versus ArcGIS Ideas posts are just two different methods to accomplish the same task - alerting Development that a functionality is requested. The above suggestion is just another option if you'd like to give it another little extra judge on a second source. But they can see this here and see the support it will gain here as well.

If you ever did want to reach out to us regarding the enhancement, you can always do so via a chat session with Support or starting a case via My Esri as well. This would still have to go through your POC, but you wouldn't need to go through the phone lines and that may save some time.

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my condolences to the trees who have suffered do this problem. I just wasted 50m2 of paper because I can't seem to center my printout on one plot, it prints plots over two pages...


Make PDF

then if you like the pdf send it to the printer


Print preview of the layout is needed in ArcGIS Pro


This is a basic function.  How was it ever overlooked?

Just another one of the many things that ArcMap did better.


Case submitted but also showing support for this feature here.