Completly turn off tools that consume credits

06-24-2020 01:57 PM
Status: Open
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It would be useful if we had the option to completely turn off any tools that consume credits.  This could be useful so that our users don't accidentally consume credits.  To be fair ESRI has added icons to specify credit consuming tools and they also have a small warning at the top of the geoprocessing tool however, I just want to remove those tools completly from ArcGIS Pro.


Would it work to simply allocate 0 credits to users? Configure credits—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

A different, but fundamentally similar (in terms of not allowing users to "accidentally" consume credits) is 


Note that you can also control your users' ability to consume credits by setting their privileges:

If I disable a user's privileges to run analysis, enrichment, geocoding, etc. if they try to run those tools in Pro, they'll receive this error (or similar):

080378: Failed to execute. The enrichment service is unavailable.—Help | Documentation 

I'd say that would be the way to control users' ability to use these tools.


Would it not be easier to put a setting in the options that allow the enabling of a warning dialog box that informs the user (be it newbie or veteran) that they are about to use credits and how many of them? I have a few times accidentally consumed large amounts of credits learning to use new tools without seeing the tiny coin icon on top of the main icon. That way, as I hurry through my day, doing the 3 positions I manage rolled up into one salary, I can miss an icon or two and its no big deal.

If I had a way to warn myself, as I learn this thing better, that I am about to click on the submital of my pink slip, that would be great.