Add customability to the Symbology Histogram

06-26-2020 02:05 AM
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In the "Classify" tool in ArcMAP, the histogram shows a large amount of bins in the histogram. This way it's easy to get a good overview of the frequency distribution, and thus decide on the classification. 

In ArcGIS Pro the number of bins is set at 10 and can't be changed. This makes it very hard to accurately interpret your data and much harder to make a wise decision on the classification.

Would it be possible to either;

- Add as many histogram bins as there are in ArcMAP


- Make the number of bins customizable. 

Thank you,

Mathias Thorp,
University of Bergen
Insitute of Geography


Clicking More>Show Statistics will give a quick look to help a little bit...

Just a tip on seeing a full histogram where you can control the number of bins, you can generate a Histogram chart to get a more detailed understanding of the data's distribution:

This also provides the ability to show normal distribution, skewness and kurtosis.


Hi, Kory.

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of both of these options. The "Show statistics" box have very limited info - that is; several datasets could have exactly the same numbers for mean, median etc and still have very different histograms. E.g. skewness, kurtosis. Natural brake values would still be hidden. Yes - you can create a new histogram from a "Create chart" tool. But you miss the classification brake value arrows underneath, and finding exact values here and put into the Symbology classification would be very difficult and cumbersome.

It would be way more convenient to include more bins in the symbology pane, just like in ArcMap. A "golden number" in statistics and frequency distribution is 30.

All best,



Making the color scheme match the interval is a nice added feature.  But the limited amount of bins is really bad.  Miss the customizable number bins a lot.


Is it possible to add break values to bins in histograms in Pro? If not, why? This is basic.