Coordinate selection color in map and table for Pro

11-19-2019 11:27 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro the user is able to change the selection color for all layers or an individual layer, but in the table the selection color remains the default cyan:

It should be the same just like in arcmap - or the user should be able to change the color of the table separately.


I dug around a bit in ArcMap to understand the equivalency part of this.  By default, when I change the selection color for the layer (or set it for all layers under Selection Options...) I get something like this:

That seems to be similar in ArcGIS Pro:

ArcMap allows the user to set a different color to display selected records in the table, but it isn't necessarily coordinated with the map feature selection color:

So this part 

or the user should be able to change the color of the table separately.

is specifically the ArcMap equivalency part, but I'm wondering, do you often set these differently, or would it be easier to just check a box to sync map selection and table selection color?  I actually found it a bit niggly to remember exactly which color I had chosen for the map selection and it would have been way easier to not have had to specifically find that and choose it again


This is a good question and I had to go back to arcmap to see exactly how it worked (yes, I realize I just did it yesterday!) and it isn't real logical.  It would be nice in Pro to have an opportunity to set selection for the map and the table at the project level and also for each layer or table in the TOC.  Personally I would probably sync the two (and an option for that would be nice), but I think it's also possible someone would want the selection colors different.

Something like this:

Does that help?

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Yeah the dev team definitely agrees with this. This is in the product plan for 3.2. Thanks!