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Mobile Geodatabase — Calculate field using SQL

03-27-2023 03:17 PM
Status: Open
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In non-versioned enterprise geodatabases, we can use SQL to do field calculations:

Calculate Field (Data Management)

SQL expressions support faster calculations for feature services and enterprise geodatabases. Instead of performing calculations one feature or row at a time, a single request is sent to the server or database, resulting in faster calculations.

Only feature services and enterprise geodatabases support SQL expressions. For other formats, use Python or Arcade expressions.

I mostly work in enterprise geodatabases; I live and breath SQL. For my EGDB work, I mock things up in mobile geodatabases when testing issues, ideas, etc. So I end up needing to switch to Python or Arcade to do field calculations in the mobile geodatabase, which throws a wrench into my SQL-oriented workflows.

I'd prefer to use SQL whenever I can. Additionally, SQL can also do some things better/simpler than Python or Arcade, such as subqueries.

Could field calculations with SQL be added for mobile geodatabases, similar to enterprise geodatabases?