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11-11-2021 12:39 PM
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Depending on where you are in the world as you read this, you may be familiar with daylight saving time.  Wikipedia describes the practice:

Daylight saving time (DST), also known as daylight savings time or daylight time (United StatesCanada, and Australia), and summer time (United KingdomEuropean Union, and some other countries), is the practice of advancing clocks (typically by one hour) during warmer months so that darkness falls at a later clock time. The typical implementation of DST is to set clocks forward by one hour in the spring ("spring forward") and set clocks back by one hour in autumn ("fall back") to return to standard time. (source)

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the practice as it sort of throws my body for a loop for a few days.  Maybe it’s that the change is abrupt – yesterday was dark at this time, today is light – like flipping a switch.  I wonder if anybody has ever thought about making the time change more like a dial…  But there was something about it at the beginning of this week, when it was light out again for my 6:30 am bike ride, that I have found to be entirely welcoming and needed.

Do you know what else happens two times every year?  A new release of ArcGIS Pro!  Throughout the year you search and add kudos and comments to others’ ideas in the ArcGIS Pro Idea Exchange, or you submit your own unique ideas of what you would like to see in future versions.  We watch those, keep an eye on activity throughout the year, and prioritize your requests into release plans. 

ArcGIS Pro 2.9 includes about 60 ideas submitted through ArcGIS Ideas.  When you’re ready, flip the switch, turn the dial, spring forward, do whatever you need to do to upgrade to Pro 2.9 where you can expect to find the following user-requested improvements, plus a ton of other great stuff!

Most Requested

Enhance graphics capability and functionality (7:12) including New graphic drawing tool - cloud (7:08) and Rounded Rectangles – Drawing Toolbar

Open and Edit Attribute Table without adding to map (6:55)

Cluster Rendering (6:44)


Increase scroll bar width in ArcGIS Pro (5:09)

ARC GIS icon size issues (4:04)

Analysis & Geoprocessing

Spatially Join two polygons: Based on Maximum Area (4:40)

GeoEnhancement - credit estimate in ArcGIS Pro (4:23)

Add More Delimiter Options in Table Export Tools (i.e., pipe delimiter) (4:15)

Change User Experience for Select By Attributes (3:32)

Maxent algorithm added to ArcMAP (2:40)

Change Pro Delete Field Tool UX (2:00)

Autosave on ArcGIS Modelbuilder (1:54)

Allow users to Favorite commonly used System Tools across Projects (1:23)

Geoprocessing Setting - Setting to Make Messages Visible by Default (0:33)

Weighted Overlay tool in Pro appears not to have the “reverse scale values” option (0:28)

Weighted Overlay Missing Function Table Load or Save (0:21)

Remove annoying updating of field alias in ArcGIS Pro

Skyline Graph tool must generate a chart in ArcGIS Pro

Data Management

Let us create an alias for connected folders in ArcGIS Pro (5:56)

ArcGIS Pro: Add option to "Return to last location when Catalog starts up" (5:48)

Find - Linear Referencing Tool for ArcGIS Pro (4:49)

Add Snowflake as a supported database (4:33)

Allow Pop-up hyperlinks to open files using relative paths (3:53)

ArcGIS Pro: choose default edit tool when pasting features (3:45)

Include Retired Parcels in "Build Active Record" (2:29)

Topology Support for Mobile Geodatabase (2:21)

Allow ArcGIS Pro to rename lyrx file in catalog pane (1:43)

Add an indicator to data source tab in ArcPro to identify if dataset is compressed (1:15)

SQLite as future-proof backend for Personal Geodabases

Please fix stream mode digitizing

Pro: Drag Map from one project to another

Wish to be able to turn off Snap Tips In ARCGIS Pro 1.2

Specify units when Exporting to CAD

Split into COGO lines

Mapping & Visualization

PDF to Tiff Tool In Pro (6:29)

ArcGIS Pro: Linking Map view to Layout view (6:20)

Fit to margins in ArcGIS Pro (5:41)

Highly Noticeable Flash (5:30)

Show pointer location in all linked views in ArcGIS Pro (5:18)

Ability to query text field in Pro as with ArcMap (5:00)

Allow dynamic pictures in report group footers (3:56)

Allow ArcGIS Pro to copy Standalone tables between maps (3:38)

ArcGis Pro: Layout Table Style Template (3:16)

Maintain legend format when switching map frames (3:13)

Applying Transparency to Layout Items (3:06)

Recreate Click-to-Label Function in Pro Which Exists in ArcMap (2:54)

Control antialiasing for export to tiff/pdf in (2:47)

Access hyperlink through non-spatial features (attribute table) (2:13)

Table Appearance settings (2:07)

Converting features to graphics in ArcGIS Pro (1:36)

Allow export graphics layer to features (1:32)

ArcGIS Pro Stereo: It should be possible to pan from one model to the next (1:03)

Specify Default Color Scheme for Discrete Raster Symbology (0:49)

ArcGIS Pro- Open document file path- ArcMap Equivalency Issue (0:41)

Allow clicking a field/row in ID tool pop-up to return to

ArcGIS Pro 2.7 Legend Color Customization

Printing Labeling summary

Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro even better for you.  A special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release:

AllisonDykstra1, Amanda__Huber, AndrewTaylor, bconnolly, BenHoen, BrianGelder1, CharlesFinley, ChrisAnsorge, ChristopherBowering, ColeAndrews, DanHoffman1, DenisLalonde, DouglasCaldwell, DuncanHornby, GISTeam4, GregYoung2, HeatherStudley1, HusamAlqamy, IanPryor1, JaimeReyes, JakeKrall, JamalNUMAN, jcarlson, JeffVan_Etten1, JesseTemplin2, JohnTangenberg3, KevinCross2, KevinStandage, KitBarton1, LoralynLClarkmainegovMaineDOT, MarcelSt-Germain, MarianneCardwell, MARIUSGLOVACI, MatthewDurling, MattWilkie1, MichaelDykes, NathanHeickLACSD, O_Goepfert, OmerUNSAL, Paulakark, PeterWilson, PhilippeLeblanc, RalphJaggi2, RobertClark, Rohit_Venkat_GandhiMendadhala2, RTPL_AU, SarahSkalon, StephenRhea_GISInc, TedCronin, TerrenceTrasatti1, ThomasColson, WilliamChester1

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro’s development priorities for the future!  Search, Participate, and Create in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.

To learn more about what’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.9, head on over to the What’s new… help topic.

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With an undergraduate degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Kalamazoo College, I became interested in GIS when working as a land stewardship manager on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. After returning from Costa Rica, I earned a graduate degree in GIS with a focus on Sustainability Management from the University of Washington. As a Product Manager for ArcGIS Pro, collaborating across multiple teams to contribute to the direction of product development, I am dedicated to listening to users and finding ways to convert that feedback into a product that continues to add customer value.