Let us create an alias for connected folders in ArcGIS Pro

10-08-2018 09:05 AM
Status: Implemented
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Often I have two or more folders with the same name, in different places on my organization's network. The name "GIS" can be very common for folders. So when I connected to multiple of these folders in the same Project, I get this:

And, as far as I can tell, if I try to "rename" these folders in Pro, it's actually renaming my folders. If we could create an "alias" for the folders, I could call these "I:/GIS" and "S:/GIS" and I wouldn't be confused.


Further context: Why is ArcGIS Pro not allowing me to rename favorites?   I'm using a template created with Pro 2.1.x, and my folder alias's stick. But if I have to make new templates in 2.2.x.....


Yes yes yes! Please add this in. 

When dealing with folders and server locations within an organisation that are already ordered by project, many follow identical templates and so have identically named subfolders. I know I can see the path by hovering over it, but this isn't very efficient. An alias system (or the option to "display the full path" in the folder name) would be great


Yeah, being able to display the full path could be helpful too. 

And I didn't realize you could hover over to see the path, thank you for pointing that out!


Yes, please.  We have many subfolders with the same names.  I recently assumed that you can use aliases, like in ArcCatalog, but instead discovered that I had actually renamed the folder, so my maps all had broken links.  


Yup, this is the first thing I'm noticing as I just started using Pro today: I've got loads of folders with the same name(s). Clicking on the "More Detail" option allows me to hover over the folder and see the full UNC path, but that's more of a workaround than it is a solution. 

And since it's not a good use of my time to add aliases to each folder, can we modify this request a bit? Just have the folder name explicitly show the UNC path. I realize this is replicating ArcCatalog behavior, but that works really well when navigating various directories/folders.


Just curious, what does In Production plan mean? What year are we talking about?

This shoud be quite easy to implement...


Still waiting.....


Can't wait to see this implemented, we are still adopting Pro but little things like this just get frustrating.  We have a number of ArcGIS Servers and many other network folders across the enterprise; without being able to add a more descriptive alias to the folder name makes setting up your favorites, and then using / managing them very difficult.


Kory Kramer‌  This is 'In Product Plan': any idea when it'll be implemented? 


Unfortunately I don't think that it will be in the next release.  I don't have any information beyond that.