Increase scroll bar width in ArcGIS Pro

08-30-2017 10:43 AM
Status: Open
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The scroll bars in Arc Pro are about half the size of what you see in a typical web browser, word doc, or even ArcMap. 

Any possibility of making them larger, for easier navigation of tables and windows?


Hornbydd‌ You might consider editing the idea's title to something like "Increase scroll bar width in ArcGIS Pro" to more accurately describe the issue.  

Top is Pro.

Bottom is ArcMap.

I apologize Hornbydd‌ as you weren't the Idea's author, but it looks like charliedfinley‌ updated the title.

Thank you!

Thanks Kory - the sceen shot helps.

 - Charlie F

 Just the first person to vote, can't take credit for a great idea from Charles Finley....or can I?

For vision-impaired folks this is especially frustrating.

Has this enhancement been considered? It can really HELP...