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Highly Noticeable Flash

11-01-2011 08:47 AM
Status: Implemented
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I use the flash function often to try find features that are searched for in the "Find" tool.  The right-click "flash" option would be much more useful if the flash was highly visible, for example have it be large a bright red-yellow-or even blue (as the default for selected features). 

My idea then is to be able to change the default for this or make it's much more visible.



Yes, when zoomed out and trying to Flash a tiny shape, it's impossible in Pro to see where the flash occurs. In ArcMap, crosshairs would appear on the screen pinpointing exactly where the shape is on the map.

In Pro, the flash is ok when zoomed in, but from a distance is useless.


Yes, also stumbled upon this. Absolutely comprehensibly. Please ESRI, do the same like it is in Map. Old-fashioned, but highly visible and usable.


Yes, I see the difference between ArcMap and Pro.  Interestingly, the gif I captured doesn't show the crosshairs from ArcMap (but they are there):


so any plans to include a crosshair in Pro? fail that, a flashing dot or something instead.


I've marked this Reviewed, tagged it with arcgis pro and arcmap equivalency.  We'll make sure that the development team gets a look at it to consider.


TWO YEARS, my dear. Two ... years. After two years, the development team will get a look at it. To consider. No comment. Really finest.


Matt Beal‌ provided a couple of really good .gifs demonstrating this over here: 

by Anonymous User

Thanks! Hope to see this move to pro soon! Frequently working with large datasets at a small scale, this would be hugely beneficial!


+ another example in ArcGIS Pro 


Any update on this?