Allow ArcGIS Pro to copy Standalone tables between maps

06-12-2018 07:10 AM
Status: Implemented
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Back in 2014 I suggested this idea for ArcMap. This has never been implemented and this issue still persists in the modern ArcGIS Pro. I can copy feature layers from one map to another but I cannot right click on a standalone table, copy and then paste that into the TOC of a new map. Currently, as it is still in ArcMap, I have to add the table via the catalog pane.  Would be nicer and quicker if I could copy 'n' paste as I can do with layers.


And here we are 2 years later (6 total from op) and you can't copy a table from one map to another in Pro2.5.1. 

I have several pro projects with archive data that I geocoded and the points have related tables. In each of the projects, I have a 'base map' that holds all the data related to the project.  Then I have additional maps set up for publishing to agol.  It's more than a pain in the backside to have the table attributes all set up in the base map, just to set them up again in the individual map tab...

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Layers can be copy and pasted from one map to another in AGP, it seems like tables should have similar functionality, but they don't (at least not as-of AGP 2.7.2).

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Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.  See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 for this and many other ideas you can expect to see when you update.