Thumbnails in ArcGIS Pro Recent Projects

07-18-2019 12:52 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Include a main map (or custom) thumbnail in ArcGIS Pro's Recent Projects list. 

  • Offer the choice of viewing Recent Projects by:
    • simple list,
    • detailed list (with metadata), or
    • thumbnails mosaic  
  • Option to reorder
    • alphabetically,
    • by date, or
    • by tag (from the metadata).

I'd like more ways to keep Maps and Layouts within projects sorted and organized as well. 

I understand adding the date to the Catalog view and Pane is difficult/impossible at least compared to ArcMap, but we really do need more ways to help us track the maps and layouts we have used/edited/viewed recently - and I like the idea about sorting by tag from the metadata too.  (In my world almost no one uses metadata - this would be a really valid reason to change that - at least the tags part).

Status changed to: Under Consideration