ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: Support for Stealth Mouse

08-19-2020 01:22 AM
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At the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research, we have four full time stereo interpreters. For them, it is very important to work with the Stealth Mouse (model S4-Z) for the following reasons:

  • Ergonomics: as our stereo interpreters use the Stealth Mouse the whole day, they are glad that they can use both hands. E.g. they can use the left or the right hand to roll the mouse wheel.
  • Performance: the number of clicks can be reduced. Furthermore, the interpreters don't have to select a new tool for each new task on a toolbar. The tools and commands are assigned to Stealth Mouse buttons.


For the second point, I can give a workflow example as we do it in Stereo Analyst (with ArcMap 10.7.1) at the moment:
1. Zoom in to area of interest
2. Cut a polygon
3. Autocomplete a polygon


With the system mouse, the workflow above is as follows:
1. Select ZoomIn Tool on toolbar and click on map
2. Select Edit Tool on toolbar and select feature. Select "Cut Polygons" Tool and cut polygon
3. Select "Autocomplete Polygon" tool from "Construction Tools" window and autocomplete polygon


With the Stealth Mouse, 4 clicks less are necessary for above workflow because no tool has to be selected on a toolbar:
1. Click on a Stealth Mouse button to zoom in --> 1 click less
2. Select feature by clicking on a Stealth Mouse button. Cut polygon using another Stealth Mouse button --> 2 clicks less
3. Autocomplete polygon using another Stealth Mouse button --> 1 click less


In order to migrate to ArcGIS Pro and Image Analyst, it is essential that the Stealth Mouse is supported.

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I use a Stealth Mouse, modelS1-E, for 3D compilation.  I use it with the Socet Set/ArcMap combination.  The mouse does have many programmable tool functions that would eliminate many additional clicks changing tools/functions in ArcGIS Pro.  

It can be used fast compiling many different point and line 3D features.

 You are able to adjust Z on the fly with your thumb on the dial and continue to digitize line/point features like roads, shoreline or a tower.  You are able to work fast not having to change tools and functions by stopping, finding the needed tool and clicking on it and continuing.

In ArcGIS Pro if you have to adjust Z while digitizing you have to stop use the "wheel" on the mouse to adjust Z and then start again.  With the Stealth Mouse you easily adjust Z as you go without stopping.

You can quickly place a line or point, split, merge, add vertex, delete vertex, snap to vertex , undo and many functions very quickly just using the programmed buttons with all of your fingers.  It is fast.

I agree that it is essential to enhance productivity while using ArcGIS Pro for 3D compilation.

FYI - Socet GXP uses the Stealth Mouse.