HTML Support in New Map Viewer for Pop-ups

07-14-2021 06:36 AM
Status: Implemented
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Please add full HTML support within the new map viewer pop-up configuration.  We use a ton of HTML for our pop-ups in the map viewer classic in order to make our pop-ups more dynamic, and not having this ability in the new map viewer is really disappointing.

I really like the ability to drag and drop and re-order pop-up items in the new map viewer, but not having the ability to have full HTML seems like a gaping hole when it is supported in the classic map viewer.


I agree completely, it kind of seems like a no-brainer in terms of functionality and I'm guessing/hoping they had planned to have it supported in a near future release? But yes, it's a critically important functionality to allow for customized pop-ups!


Does the new map viewer not have the custom HTML section at all? I use that in most advanced map viewers.  Beyond that, even the classic viewer HTML is limited to only a dozen or so tags. Why not just allow full regular HTML/CSS? I understand lack of JS for security but it would be nice to leverage full CSS.  And then it would allow data to drive visualization. You could inject HTML / CSS with Arcade and make popups have various different colors, backgrounds, images, etc etc based on attribute-data driven visualization. It would be tremendously powerful.

Perhaps this could be considered when they add HTML to the new map viewer popups. Maybe in the short term they could add the 'title' tag; which provides helpful tooltips. That little gem is so useful. First thing I would do I would add the title tooltip to my popups near the title bar, since I enabled moving popups for all of my viewers, to communicate to users they could move it.



@KevinMacLeodCAI --- there is no custom HTML section at all.  We use Arcade for formatting various colors, and whether or not to display certain elements within our pop-ups.  We even built custom charts within pop-ups using Arcade and HTML.


Good to know. I spent less than a minute in the new viewer before going back. Classic one has better design, use of screen real estate, and features (popup html, analysis tools, etc). The only thing I thought it needed was layer grouping (of map image layers most of all; but the new map viewer can't group map image layers or sublayers), full html popups and seeing changes from services more reliably.  Other than those it was basically perfect.


Big need! Right now it's especially hard because Field Maps requires saving in the New Map Viewer or else your entire configuration is wiped out. Yet, the HTML in pop-ups cannot be modified in the New Map Viewer. Hoping for this soon.


Any chance html can be included in Enterprise Portal when Map Viewer comes out of beta there?  We have users that would love the enhancement of smart forms in Field Maps, but with out html formatting they will lose functionality they currently use.  

As field users they need the dynamic displays html has been providing for years to easily see things like Inspection complete vs Inspection incomplete (there is only a two letter difference "in" between the two, it's the dynamic colors is what makes it easy to read in the field)

by Anonymous User

@Anonymous User super excited to hear this is has moved product plan.  Fingers crossed it will be in enterprise portal 10.9.1? 

Currently you have to use map viewer beta on portal to use smart forms for field maps.  However html is only supported in classic, and this is a breaks a smart form.

by Anonymous User

Hi @RyanBohan this is currently planned for the next ArcGIS Online update but won't be in 10.9.1. I expect this will be in the first Enterprise release of 2022. The version of Map Viewer that Enterprise picks up is usually a couple releases behind Online due to development cycles. However at 10.9.1 Map Viewer is out of beta and is no longer a separate install. Thanks for providing the additional context on why this is important for your workflows. 



@Anonymous User Thank you for the update.