ArcGIS Online Warning/Estimation Button when using credit costing services

03-01-2013 12:50 PM
New Contributor II
Add a "warning" message in ArcGIS Online that notifies users they are about to consume a large amount of credits.  For example,  "Be careful! You are about to execute a process that will consume "x" credits.  You will have approximately  "x" credits left in your account if you proceed. Do you want to continue?"....yes/no.

ArcGIS credits are a nebulous concept for most people, and we do not necessarily know which processes are credit intensive.
This would be a very helpful notification prior to executing transactions that consume a large number of credits, such as geocoding addresses from Esri Maps for Office.
A warning should also be applied to tools that consume credits in ArcGIS Desktop such as Geocode Addresses when using the geocoding service from ArcGIS Online.
There is now an option to see an estimate of how many credits would be used to run a service before you start the service. 
While a warning of some type would be fantastic, I would like to also suggest a way to be able to set ORGANIZATION wide limits to geocoding, enriching data etc. to those processes that will consume a lot of credits.  Within the last week I had one user blow through 15,000 geocoding credits!!!  That is A LOT of money that was wasted because a user honest mistake.  I also agree with the original poster in that users have no idea what credits are and how they used for certain tasks.  Thank you!
Any processes requiring credits should have a warning to prompt the user to see if they would like to move forward. Sounds like some tools may have warnings but I used Community Analyst without any prompts that I would burn through credits with each report generated ("Geoenrichment") or drive times generated ("Network Analysis"). I signed up for a 30 day free trial thinking it was free but the reports I generated ended up burning through our credits. A warning would have been immensely helpful, or an early indication that the free trial isn't exactly "free" would have prevented this mistake.
Some improvements have been made to allow users to be able to estimate credit charges before executing tasks in the Perform Analysis tools in ArcGIS Online.  This allows users to be aware of the charges before running some processes. 
I agree with this and just made a post to take this a step further that the same messaging should ocur in ArcGIS Pro for tools launched there that will incure credit usage. Organizations have to be able to monitor and control these costs at granular levels.
I realize that the credit usage reporting on ESRI's side isn't exactly up to date.  For example, I pulled like 50 demographic reports and it took almost a week for the account balance to update.  I'd like to see a response time simular to what everyone's bank account is doing. I know it's not instant (but it is in some cases), but credit transactions posting to your account hourly or daily can't be that hard to program....
If this is to be a truly "administerable" capability, a simple warning might not be the answer, because warnings can always be ignored by users who lack understanding or are under pressure/in a hurry.

Possibly an alternative would be to allow an administrative setting, a credit "governor" that sets the maximum number of credits allowed for any operation. Ideally it would be possible to assign different limits to different roles. If a user needs a higher credit limit, they can ask for it via their administrator.

Thanks for your feedback. There is a similar idea about limiting amounts of credits that users can use :