Add an Apply button to ArcGIS Pro Map Properties

04-23-2018 08:37 AM
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In ArcGIS 10.* when under the Layer Properties, we had an APPLY Button, this allowed us to see changes that we made before getting out of the Properties Windows.


Thanks for submitting the idea, smolivert‌.  Two quick things:

1. Could you please change the idea's title to something more descriptive; e.g. "Add an Apply button to ArcGIS Pro Map Properties"... something like that?

2. How do you typically use that in ArcMap?  Are you generally changing the map's projection, apply, see how it looks, repeat?  What types of changes are you making to the map properties where you find it is useful to change, apply, adjust, apply, etc.?

Thank you!


I handle the mapping for the Municipalities for the entire State of Oklahoma, so I span 3 UTM zones, and the maps always look better squared up, plus it easier on the eyes when the map is square. So I usually keep the map at the middle projection, and just rotate the map accordingly.  being able to use the Apply button allows my to make fine adjustment without having to open up properties again for each tweak.



@SteveOliver , I agree with you on how helpful it would be to have an Apply button.  I often have to change coordinate systems in a map, and then need to check transformation settings.  In Desktop, I could press "Apply" when I changed something in the settings, and see the coordinate shift on screen.  Then make another change to the settings, press "Apply", see the changes, and the Map Properties Window would remain open.

In Pro, I need to press "Ok" and the Map Properties Window closes, I need to re-open it, change a change, press "Ok" and reopen the Map Properties Window again for additional changes.  Its tedious.  But I find I often have to do it!


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