Icons for custom geoprocessing tools - ArcGIS Pro

10-16-2020 08:03 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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In ArcMap 10.X one could create and assign custom icons that could be added to the toolbar. In ArcGIS Pro there is nice ability to add custom tools/scripttools to the ribbon, however it seems that the ability to add the icons did not make it and the only option is the default scrollpaper icon. For those who often create customized tools for sponsors it would add a nice finishing touch.


This is also logged with technical support as [ENH-000102786: Customize the Symbol used to represent a custom model in the Analysis Gallery].  If you prefer to track this through the ENH, you can contact support to get attached. 

The plan is to provide this functionality through setting the thumbnail in the tool's metadata - the thumbnail will be scaled to display in the analysis gallery and custom ribbon locations.


Have not been able to find this.  Any idea what release this is planned for? 



Hi @DeanAnderson2 while the team has this in the backlog (Under Consideration) it is not currently assigned to a release.  There may be higher priority issues that need to be addressed in the near-term, so unfortunately I can't provide a great answer other than 2.9 should be available in the next week or so and we know it didn't make it in there.  Because 3.0 is a major version release requiring attention to larger framework issues, it is more likely this will be planned for a post-3.0 release.