ArcGIS Pro Change Data Sources for Services

03-22-2022 06:54 AM
Status: Open
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Be able to create new path for feature services inside of a Pro project to geodatabase or other services.





It's a hack, but to switch a service to a geodatabase, you can enable sync on the service, take the features offline which will copy them to a local mobile .geodatabase and then you could switch using the Update Data Sources UI. Not sure if that is possible in your specific situation, but trying to think through options given that services are currently not supported.


@KoryKramer That's my current workflow.  Hence, the enhancement.  Also, I'm not looking for a geoprocessing tool to do this.  I'm looking for a UI core logic to do this just like currently with geodatabases.  Workspace changes for all datasets as well for service to service or service to geodatabase.  I know there are workarounds and crude methods to deal with this but I'm posting this to support services in the same workflow as geodatabases.