Arcpy Modify Graphic Elements

01-11-2012 12:14 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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It would be very useful if I could change graphic layout elements with arcpy, beyond the size, name and position that is currently possible.

Being able to change the fill color in a polygon or the symbol of a marker point would fill some of the gaps in cartographic automation. 

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Status changed to: In Product Plan

This will be available at Pro 3.2.  You will have the ability to create new Layouts and layout elements including graphic elements.  The functions will be ArcGISProject.createGraphicElement() and ArcGISProject.createPredefinedGraphicElement(). They on the ArcGISProject object because you can create graphic elements on a layout OR in a map's graphics layer.

In addition to the constructors, we also will expose a get/SetDefinition on layout elements.  This makes it much easier to get to many more properties including symbology.  Post 3.2 we hope to add additional symbology constructors that make setting symbology more streamlined w/o having to use the CIM.


Jeff - Layout and teams