ArcGIS Pro Scale-Based Labeling Like Scale-Based Symbology

07-05-2016 02:40 PM
Status: Implemented
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I think it would be nice if ArcGIS Pro had scale-based labeling, similar to scale-based symbology.  If a user desires to enable scale-based labeling, a slider bar is generated for similar to the scale-based symbology.  A user can then easily alter the label size like they can with scale-based symbology.


I just created the same topic--I'll close it out.

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Not sure how many people are actively using ArcGIS Pro versus just dinking around with it to see what it's about.  But, once I started using it more often, I find the scale based symbology and the alternate symbols (available in the 1.3 release) are great tools for minimizing the number of layers within a map.  However, once implementing the scale based symbology, I now have a lot of label classes to go along with the different symbol levels, which is the main reason I'd like to see something like this implemented.  Even more so, I wish there was an option to at least copy an existing label class.  It's really annoying to have to start from scratch every time you create a label class in ArcGIS Pro.


I would love to see that too... If you want that also in ArcGIS online, vote up here:


Hi Matthew,

I am attempting to move most of my production to ArcGIS Pro--the major sacrifice being a modest learning curve and some bugs / instability that I'm seeing as the maps get more complex.  I'm still fine tuning our base map, but our initial test projects have had promising results--with some roadblocks and detours along the way of course. 

You can save both the label symbol and (separately) the label position to a style that can be implemented on other classes.  The option is on the Label Class pane in the top right menu.  Label expressions and SQL statements need to be created from scratch, though.

A copy as new label class option would be great.  I've resorted to duplicating a few layers simply to avoid re-creating all those label classes for various scales.  I'll have to look into those alternate symbols in the 1.3 release since I haven't come across those yet.


I would also very much like this added to Pro. In the meantime, I'll pass on a tip I got from an Esri engineer. If your multi-scale map is destined to be cached as vector tiles, you can manually add scale-based labeling in the JSON style file.


Hi Kate,

Is there a tutorial and/or video on how to manually add this to a JSON file?  I'm just now beginning to use ArcGIS Pro and right away I think this is a huge oversight when it is already possible with symbols.




I've just been looking around to see if this functionality was included. Apparently not. I hope it is in the future as it would be a great little feature to have extended to labeling! Trying to make my first Vector Tile Basemap and finding all these great tools. 

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Any updates on this feature? I'm surprised it is available for symbology and not for labeling. Having that same scale bar to adjust size at various extents would be helpful for creating inset maps. 


Any updates on this feature? 


Also very interested (and necessary feature for us!).
The Esri VectorTileStyleEditor allows for "scale-based-label-sizing", so I wonder why it's not already included in ArcGIS Pro.... it would be wonderful to be able to publish a vector tile with the complete vector tile style options directly from ArcGIS Pro without having to additionally switch to the VectorTileStyleEditor for "scale-based-label-sizing" afterwards...