Show count of "all other values" in Symbology Pane but do not show in legend

11-18-2020 03:01 AM
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In ArcMap one could see the feature count of <all other values> when configuring symbology but showing <all other values> in legend was deactivated.

In ArcGIS Pro when showing <all other values> in the legend is deactivated it is deactivated as well in the Symbology Pane and therefore the count of features out of range is not visible.

When “Show all other values” is activated it is visible in legend and in Symbology Pane:



When “Show all other values” is deactivated it is invisible in legend and in Symbology Pane:



When <all other values> is checked, it is visible in the legend and in the layer properties:



When <all other values> is unchecked, it is not visible in the legend but still in the layer properties. Especially the feature count:



In addition, in ArcMap the feature count is visible by default, in ArcGIS Pro it has to be activated. And In ArcMap the total count of all features is visible but not in ArcGIS Pro. Feature count and total count should always be visible by default in Symbology Pane and automatically updated when data is changed.


It would be very useful if you could add the following functionality to ArcGIS Pro:

  • Show <all other values> with the feature count in the Symbology Pane in ArcGIS Pro even if <all other values> are deactivated in the legend
  • Show the total count of all features in the Symbology Pane
  • Show the feature count by default in the Symbology Pane in ArcGIS Pro


Use Case

Sometimes data in an existing dataset changes. The symbology for the layer remains the same. We need a functionality to quickly check if we have data in our dataset that is out of range.

Sometimes we get a new dataset and want to symbolise it with the symbology of an existing layer. Here we need a functionality as well to quickly check if we have data that is out of range.

In ArcMap these two workflows were pretty straight forward, and we used it on a daily basis. In ArcGIS Pro the workflow is more complicated and error prone.

What in ArcMap can be done with a double click on the layer to open the layer properties and an optional second click to open the Symbology tab, needs at least six clicks in ArcGIS Pro (open the Symbology Pane, activate “Show all other values”, activate “Show count”, deactivate “Show all other values”).


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This is an excellent idea - particularly when using existing .lyrx files to symbolise layers. Users need to see if their existing symbology ranges apply to a newer dataset.

This functionality is also standard in Mapinfo and would make the transition for mapinfo users to ESRI more viable.

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Hi RMaron, for the description you put in this issue "Show the total count of all features in the Symbology Pane", do you mean to show the total count of all features or the total count for all unique values? Since you could use the attribute table to view the amount of total features of the layer.





Hi @Zihan and @RMaron 

I think best would be if it would be the same as in ArcMap:


As far as I know this is the total count of all unique values.



Hello @Zihan and @TillAders

Sorry for my late reply, I was on holiday....
I agree with Till, it should be the same as in ArcMap: The total of Unique Values. All others are then counted under "all other values".
In the case of only one heading and if all occurring values are listed, the total is of course also equal to the total features of the layer. In the case of several headings, the total of each heading is shown separately (see marking on Till's screenshot).


This honks.

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