Turn off animated effects in ArcGIS Pro

01-08-2020 11:22 AM
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Every time i select a feature or edit or split a feature the selection appears to slowly pulse (or fade in/out out/in) which is a new animated visual effect in Pro. The pulse effect takes way too long bordering on annoying which is especially cumbersome when splitting a feature to many parts as every part slowly pulses after the split operation completes. 

There are a lot of such animated pulse and fade effects throughout the application. I would much rather see mu results instantly presented on the display.  

Consequently, it makes the whole experience of using ArcGIS PRO, which is already much slower than the legacy ArcMap in almost every respect, even slower.  The whole editing experience feels slugish and non-responsive. 

It would be great if we could TURN ALL such animated effects off globally in settings. 


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This is another example of where Pro is clearly and unarguably slower than Arc Map as the OP points out in How to turn off all pulsing-heartbeat and other animated effects in ArcGIS Pro? In the first screen grab, we can see very SLOWLY how first one half, then the other half, of the split polygon is "flashed", with the second half flashing twice. In Arc Map, note how this is instantaneous. When doing a lot of splitting (e.g linear transportation feature where you need to correct a lot of line-meets-intersections, or, even worse in a threat-to-life situation, and you're trying to carve up search or fire suppression assignments very rapidly), the delay adds up, as does what the OP refers to as the animation, which is significantly more noticeable and annoying due to its persistence time. While all of the pulsing flashing is going on, if you go back to the select tool to grab the select by rectangle, then select your next polygon to split, there is an additional 1-2 second delay until tool focus returns. 

used ScreenToGif - Record your screen, edit and save as a Gif or video  and did not slow down the frame rate in the Pro grab, 30 FPS for both grabs. Both same excessively well-equipped computer, same data source (local FGDB). 

To be honest, I've never reported this or many other performance issues as I've assumed they're already logged they're so obvious. 


Yeah, the animation drives me crazy. Thomas's split example is good. I also don't like the way popups, tables, and other elements fade in and out.


Yeah, editing in ArcGISpro is overall a lot more hassle. On top of that these timeconsuming animations are irritating


This was driving me nuts too.  I removed it by modifying the PopupElementHelper.js located in the Pro installation directory, under Pro\Resources\Popups\esri\

Search for "duration" in PopupElementHelper.js and reduce the value (mine was set at 1200) for each of the four instances. I set duration to 100 and now no more excruciatingly slow animated popups :)


PS. The animated transitions when reviewing the history of geoprocessing options in the History panel specifically is what was driving me nuts and what this solves - I don't know if this also solves the issue mentioned by the OP of feature selection


Hi Bridget,

I didn't see any effect of your change proposal when splitting features. Tried to find something else but no luck.