Control ArcGIS Pro Named User License Expiration Message from ArcGIS Online

09-03-2020 11:06 AM
Status: Implemented
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In large organizations that license ArcGIS Pro through named user accounts, all of the users will start to receive license expiration messages when they start ArcGIS Pro a couple of weeks before their ArcGIS Online account renews.  These messages can be disabled by the individual users, but it would be better if the ArcGIS Online organization administrator could disable these for all ArcGIS Pro users.  That would save a lot of worry and frantic calls to the administrator, as well as a little trouble for the end users.

Another solution would be to just automatically renew the named user licenses as soon as the organization subscription is renewed.


I agree, there should be an option to turn this message off at the organizational level.  I've answered so many emails from concerned students and faculty members these last two weeks.  It's seems like such an easy thing to add!


Our university utilizes SAML logins to AGOL for ArcGIS Pro authentication. All users are getting a timeout warning that ArcGIS Pro will expire in X days. The same thing happened last year and we were told it would automatically refresh, and it did. With our license refresh date moved from 12/22 to 11/22 (from xmas break to mid fall semester) and increased adoption of ArcGIS Pro, the number of panic emails has increased.


Another solution would be for ESRI to disable the warning when the license has already been renewed; our site license has been in place since the ArcGIS 8 days, and has been renewed every year without fail. The contract is always settled well before the 15-day expiry warning period. If AGOL is to be our Named License manager, it needs to be smart enough to know when there is a new license waiting in the wings to take over when the current one expires, and not issue warnings regardless of the client-side settings.

For a large organization, the person-hours spent by Admins answering panic emails and by users needing to disable an option that is on by default are significant. What is supposed to be a convenience feature is instead a productivity hinderer under the current model.


From the idea "Another solution would be to just automatically renew the named user licenses as soon as the organization subscription is renewed."

See this idea: Automatically Turn off License Notifications when ... - GeoNet, The Esri Community

by Anonymous User

This is an important issue that Esri solved with Desktop ArcMap by having a control in the ArcMap Advanced Settings utility (..\Arcgis\Desktop10.x\Utilities)


I was able to update the settings on our Citrix servers so that users never saw the messages.  Having the same capability in the AGOL or Enterprise site where ArcGIS Pro licences are hosted should be doable.


@Eric that client-side option to turn off the warnings exists in Pro as well, but it is turned ON by default, so the issue is not "solved" unless Esri changes the installer to turn it off (and only for future installations).

As you noted it makes more sense and is more efficient to fix this issue on the server rather than the client side.

I have some semi-insider information that such a fix is in the works from Esri.

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@PatIampietro good to know, thanks for the info.  Are you aware of how I would access that to change in a Citrix environment so that all users do not see the message?

I cannot see a similar utility in the Pro install folder.



@Anonymous User it is in the Pro application itself, not a separate utility; Settings>Licensing>Show license expiration warnings (checked by default, uncheck to turn off).







Well it's about 2 weeks until our license expiry warnings and freakouts start up again. Does anybody know if there is a fix for this yet?

I posted earlier this year that I had heard it was being dealt with (it seemed it was a matter for Esri Customer Relations to deal with, as opposed to Higher Ed support), but I'm wondering if anyone following this issue has in fact been through a license renewal without experiencing the joy of responding to dozens (or hundreds) of panicked user emails.

As an Admin I have already been getting "Your Subscription to (ArcGIS Online/ArcGIS Pro) Is Expiring" emails for a month now, which is also lame, but I'm just one guy that knows to ignore them so it's no big deal.  But the expiry warnings that go to all users are much more problematic.