Suppress license expiration warning from server

06-22-2018 12:18 AM
Status: Open
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Clients (end users) of ArcGIS Desktop get a warning prior to expiration of a running concurrent license period, e.g. 15 days before the end (see image in attachment). This also occurs if the following license period, e.g. for one year, has already been set up. The system is not able to recognize that there is 1 year and 15 days of license available. It's recommendable to avoid license expiration warning if the new license period has already been implemented. This should occur from server side.

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Yes - we use Citrix.  Having a registry setting in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for this instead of burying it in the user.config would be excellent, or a way to control the communication on the license manager.  Users have custom configs, no way to blast this out to them without ruining their existing customizations.  If anyone has resolved this I'd love to see that final solution.  Thanks!

Also, we have just gotten our contract renewal mid-December and have a ton of user management to do in order to conform to our new user counts.  This is the reason we can't just deploy the updated license to remove this date coming through Portal to Pro.