Compare Replica Schema Geoprocessing Tool In ArcGIS Pro

11-10-2020 12:48 PM
Status: Open
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The Compare Replica Schema Geoprocessing Tool should be included in ArcGIS Pro.  This is an important geoprocessing tool for making geodatabase replication sustainable once we transition away from ArcMap.  It is hard to transition away from ArcMap when key tools are not included in ArcGIS Pro.


Very important for us to have it in Pro


For our organization. This feature  is very important for us to have it in Pro


How is it possible this hasn't been implemented yet?! Am i going to have to install ArcMap just so I can make schema changes between replicas!?

We're approaching a version 3.0 of Pro and the fact this kind of GDB maintenance hasn't been implemented yet makes me extremely wary of the direction Esri is going in. Similar to the lack of support for Database Servers (Workgroup & Desktop on SQL Express).

I can't help but think that Esri is walking away from this technology and it would sure be great to have at least some foresight into this.


It's pretty remarkable this has not been implemented in Pro or at least I can't find it in 2.9.3.  This really needs to be added to Pro, and soon. Esri wonders why more people haven't jumped to Pro and a lack of full functionality is a reason.  I really like Pro, but this kind of thing drives me nuts.