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01-05-2021 01:47 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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In ArcPro, add the ability to expand to the open folder in the Contents Pane when you click on an item in the Catalog View.  This functionality exists in ArcGIS Catalog and in Microsoft File Explorer.  Adding this feature to ArcPro would help with content management, and navigating the data structure.


Thank you for submitting this idea @Meg_Southee_WCS !

At first it wasn't really clear to me what you were requesting (not your fault, just hard to describe the idea precisely with words only).  So after poking around a bit in file explorer, ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Pro Catalog View, I thought I'd post a .gif comparing the behavior in ArcCatalog vs. Catalog View.  I believe this is what you're referring to, correct?



Thank you for providing the GIF.  Yes, this is the functionality that I am requesting to be developed.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

I'm trying to migrate to using Pro for everyday tasks. Today I'm doing some basic data management and hit this issue and thought I was missing something.

I'm shocked that we're at this stage in the development of Pro and we need to point out that the Contents pane should expand when interacting with the Catalog pane.


@KoryKramer @NaicongLi 

Hi. Is there any progress with adding this functionality to Pro since the idea became Under Consideration a year ago? Thanks.


Hi @AndrewWillingale the Under Consideration status is correct - the team has an issue for this request in their backlog but it has not yet been prioritized into a release. I'm sorry that I don't have more information to offer at this time, but when this is included in a release plan, we will be sure to move the idea to In Product Plan. 

See ArcGIS Idea Statuses for more information. 

Thank you


I was disappointed that this wasn't implemented in the latest version of ArcGIS Pro.  It seems like a pretty easy functionality to add.  @KoryKramer 


Add 1 more frustrated user, little things like this are what had been behind my reluctance to fully embrace/adopt ArcGIS Pro.


Hi - it seems that this idea would address about half of the issue with the contents tree not expanding and am wondering if I need to make another idea for what I'm about to describe - in ArcCatalog's catalog tree, you can expand things like geodatabases and folders to see their contents - shapefiles, feature classes, even custom extensions that you add like PDF. I like being able to expand things and navigate to my data in one spot; it's one of the many reasons I still use ArcCatalog. Sometimes it is convenient to view the contents of many folders at a glance, and Pro simply does not allow for this in the catalog view's TOC.


It may show a carrot initially to the left of a gdb, but clicking it doesn't expand it - it causes it to disappear.



You have to click the gdb (or folder containing shapefiles, for example), and view any contents in the actual catalog view area.

Confusingly, the carrot behaves as expected in the catalog pane, and you can view the child contents there. But not the view...which is supposed to be more fully featured than the pane.



Add me to the list of incredulous users. Another example of form over function in ArcGIS Pro.