Provide an option to retain CAD annotation as they are, before converting them to labels in ArcGIS Pro.

03-16-2020 05:22 PM
Status: Open
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Over the years I have made many MXDs with CAD layers. ArcMap imports CAD text as annotation (see Fig 1). It's a very rigid import (Fig 2; the text and boxes are of constant dimensions at any scale), so many users wished for ArcGIS to learn to treat the CAD texts as flexible dynamic labels. And that's exactly what ArcGIS Pro has finally accomplished. Which would be great - if the old option remained available as well.
Figures 3, 4, and 5 show the imported boxes and texts in Pro at different view scales. It's just totally unusable in my work flow. Because my input CAD files constantly change (they are dynamic), doing many label manipulations over and over would be a deal killer for me. 

I don't understand why adding a new option in Pro (thank you, ESRI,  for them!) would require killing an old useful option that, for good or bad, we got used to rely on.

by Anonymous User

After I submitted my similar idea in 2020 (, I spoke with the ESRI CAD group developers. From that conversation I got the feeling that they were not interested in solving the problem that some of us face 😞

But it's good to know that it's not only me who wants/needs something else too.

by Anonymous User

@AlexZhuk Thanks for that extra info. I can verify that all of my coworkers at my company also would love this problem solved.

That's so sad. Come on, Esri.