In ArcGIS PRO allow formal edit sessions for unversioned data in an enterprise GDB

01-20-2017 11:53 AM
Status: Implemented
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ArcMap allows users to edit unversioned data in an enterprise geodatabase and choose whether edits will be automatically saved after each edit or evoke a formal edit session during which edits are stored before being committed/saved to the underlying database (giving users the ability to discard or undo unwanted edits). There are good reasons for maintaining unversioned data in an enterprise database and for being able to discard/undo edits – users should not have to choose between the two.

Please give users the option of a formal edit formal edit sessions for unversioned data in an enterprise geodatabase in ArcGIS PRO.


This is a pretty big deal-breaker at my company. I hope this gets resolved.


I just posted an idea (ArcGIS Pro - Edit Session) separate from this one, however I am seeing that they could technically be merged. The difference being that we would be looking to establish formal edit sessions for unversioned data in any other storage scenario; i.e. File Geodatabase, Shape File on disk.


Yep. Can't believe this is not possible yet. (running 2.3 beta)


We need this as an option before we can stop using ArcMap. This is one of the last things holding us back now!


This is a nightmare!  I've been in the GIS game for over 20 years so I'm not late to the party and I've just accidentally deleted a polygon out of an unversioned SDE feature class in ArcPro!  How is this even possible? It's unversioned for a reason!  And because it's unversioned the changes are permanent - straight away! I can't undo and discarding my edits makes no difference.  I've just spent the last 1/2 hour desperately looking for a copy of the data somewhere hoping that someone somewhere has ignored all my years of pleading with people to not take a copy of the data unless they absolutely need to as we don't want different versions of the same data all over the place.

If data is unversioned there should be a deliberate process that you have to go through in order to be able to edit it.  Not just accidentally select a polygon underneath the one you clicked on and then hey presto - it's gone!  I was editing data in a file geodatabase - not even another layer in SDE. What if I was zoomed in and didn't realise that's what I had done?  It could be weeks before someone alerts me to the fact that it's gone.

This is the worst failing of ArcPro that I've come across so far.

This needs to be fixed - and soon.


Until ESRI fix this bug, ArcGIS Pro is truly ArcGIS pro desktop only not enterprise version.


This is a grave limitation and is certainly in the running for most significant problem with ArcGIS Pro.  It's like walking a tight-wire without the net that we have always had in ArcMap.  We need to get some momentum going with this one.

arcmap equivalent‌

arcmap equivalency‌

Also, I think this idea should be differently named.  Perhaps it should be be named something like:

  • Allow users to close ArcGIS Pro edit session without saving edits to unversioned data.
  • Require confirmation before saving edits to unversioned data.

I'd love to hear some feedback from Esri. This shouldn't even need to be an "idea" - it's important functionality from ArcMap missing from Pro! Editing nonversioned data is explicitly not possible unless you change a setting.


Transactions are Database 101! 

We are finally getting new hardware to be able to run Pro and have started serious testing and just ran into this issue.  The majority of our project databases don't need to be versioned and requiring that overhead to ensure we can undo an edit is ridiculous.

Our data is unversioned because we don't have long edit transactions, parcel fabrics, or network topologies.  What we do have is integration into larger systems and we don't want the hassle of reconcile/post or move to base processes.  I still have to remind our developers to use the archive views instead of base tables and that is much more straightforward.

We can live with UI changes and all the random slowness of Pro, but live editing of data with no undo is a show stopper.


Another Tried and failed you the append tool on a map you download from ArcGIS online with hosted feature layers. The Geoprocessing tool Fails because it needs to be in an edit session??? Tick the check box to allow undo and start "an edit session" The Geoprocessing tool Fails because it needs to be in an edit session???