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When exporting features from selection layer with definition query, respect both filters

05-12-2023 10:05 AM
Status: Implemented
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Right now if you R click > Data > Export Data for a selection layer with a definition query, the exported feature class ignores the definition query. This is unexpected since non-selection layers with a definition query do respect the definition query on export. There's also no warning that your exported layer will have more features not seen in the original layer. Please respect both filters when exporting features from a selection layer with a definition query.


These things should really be tested more rigorously -- by humans -- before release. I feel like I run into an issue like this in Esri software several times a day.


I've always been suspect of selection sets because they aren't real layers. For instance, if you break the connection and then re-path, your selection is gone and it gives you all the features. I'm pretty sure this is how it worked in ArcMap too, that the selection set did not adhere to the properties of a "real" layer.

I've always used them temporarily and if I needed more permanence I attributed and ran a query. Perhaps if you selected the records, in the selection set and then exported, it would maintain your selection.


@wayfaringrob thanks for bringing it up.  Agree that having these unexpected gotcha's randomly come up is annoying.  Making a discussion issue for the team.
For software triva night: Selection then definition query <> definition query then selection
In previous releases of the software this was the case (Legacy behavior from ArcMap; really glad not to have that anymore), but there was a slight change in recent releases to make these equal; and not order dependant.  I am hoping that your cases falls into the same category, it would certainly be a lovely gotcha to forget for triva night.
Will update this post as we come to understand the details.


@wayfaringrob Big thanks for bringing this up.  The discussion was brought and we have an update in the current code to align selection layers with definition queries to process data the same as layers with definition queries in Geoprcessing tools.


@JonathanNeal  great, thanks for looking into it!

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Status changed to: Implemented

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