Horizontal legend for raster files

11-28-2019 09:54 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be nice if ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap allow you to create and customize a horizontal legend for raster files.



It looks like it is currently possible in ArcMap: Raster enhancement: The horizontal legend but not in ArcGIS Pro.


Any idea when this most basic of functions will be implemented? Feels like we are paying a lot of money to beta test software sometimes.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
by Anonymous User

I have a polygon layer that I have symbolized with an unclassed light to dark blue color scheme. When I add a legend, it shows a vertical bar. Currently there is no option for rotating just the color bar 90 degrees.

This is the default legend:



This is similar to the result I want:



A workaround is to rotate the legend 90 degrees, adjust the patch size (and spacing if using classes in your symbology), and then add separate text boxes for the labels. A bit cumbersome when it comes to sizing the color bar. For example - to be centered perfectly below the map requires a bit of trial and error trying different patch widths to find a good fit. 

Legend rotated 90 degrees:



Increased patch width to 200 pt:



From here you can disable all the legend labels and add separate text boxes.

There are other options such as developing everything in an image editor (Photoshop, Inkscape) and bringing the legend back in as a graphic, but would be nice to have that function right in Pro.



Love this idea! I cobble something together in PowerPoint (gotta work with what you've got 🤕😂)  like this & add it to dashboards as an image sometimes:

Dashboard with an example of a horizontally oriented legendDashboard with an example of a horizontally oriented legend

Depending on the dashboard, this layout can be easier to read and a better use of the space than the vertically oriented option. Both formats have their merits for sure, but it would be great to have the option for a horizontal legend in ArcGIS Pro (and some of the online apps).


Yes, this was reasonably simple in ArcMap... just realized that this can't be done simply in Pro. Why not? Would have oriented my map differently had I known...


Hello all,

I was just in the same situation to create a horizontal legend bar. Then I found this blog and I tried a little in my ArcGIS PRO and found a simple solution.

Just in case anyone is still stuck on this problem with horizontal legends. I just created a short video clip to show how to solve the problem. I hope it is a little useful.

With kind regards



Thank you for sharing that workflow with the community, @RenéBurghardt - very cool! Make sure to vote on this idea, though, by adding your kudos to help us prioritize it.

Thanks again!


@RenéBurghardt  I love seeing all the unique ways people come up with to solve the same problem. I always learn about a function in Pro that I have not used before, such as right-clicking to rotate the entire legend element. 

Thank you for sharing!

by Anonymous User

@RenéBurghardt Congrats on figuring out the rotated labels. Seems I tried that back in 2021 and couldn't get them to rotate correctly.