Make 'Enable and Disable Editing from the Edit Tab' being checked 'on' (i.e. having an Edit button) be the default.

09-13-2021 09:44 AM
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Editing being always on by default is especially confusing for new users (i.e. learners), who can accidentally 'engage' edit mode through simple attribute table work like sorting, clicking on a row, etc. This greatly impedes other workflows they might want to do when learning how to use ArcGIS Pro. In many other use cases, having editing 'on' by default could result in unwanted edits, confusion, or broken data.

There is an option to return to using edit button, which must be enabled in the options -> editing:


This should be checked 'on' by default to protect data and support users unfamiliar with editing. The 'work' of unchecking this box should fall on experienced users who know what they are doing with their data and have more experience with editing data.



I could be wrong, but my understanding is that when ArcGIS Pro is first installed that the "Enable and disable editing from the Edit tab" checkbox is selected.  Which means that users must turn on editing before any changes could be made to the dataset.

In earlier versions of ArcGIS Pro editing had always been enabled, which I did not like for the reasons you had mentioned above. 

Currently ESRI offers two editing paths:

1) When Enable / Disable Editing is check then users must turn editing on to make any changes, which is similar to ArcMAP and useful when not changing data.

2) When Enable / Disable Editing is not checked then editing is always enabled.  This setting is useful for people who perform a significant number of data updates.

Note:  In either case the table of contents tab allows users to control if individual layers can be updated.

I hope that helps





Thank you for responding. It is certainly not checked on by default - I can confirm this on 40+ installations on workstations at my institution, and on my personal install, which I screenshotted above.

Working from the Table of Contents is nice, of course, and often how I would work in Desktop - but with editing defaulted to be on, it isn't very helpful to have to turn it 'off' for each layer.



I understand now.  I agree completely with you that the checkbox for Enable / Disable edits from the editing tab should be on by default!  (meaning that new users would need to click the edit tab).  Advanced users can uncheck this option to enable the always editing functionality.