Deselect features from Table of Contents selection tab in ArcGIS Pro

07-25-2017 10:18 PM
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In ArcGIS for desktop we can deselect features from particular layers in the event that we inadvertently select features from multiple layers - it would be nice to see that functionality return in ArcGIS Pro. 


Hi Kerwin,

Good news - this is available in ArcGIS Pro, in two locations.

[1] The layer's context menu: right-click layer in TOC, expand 'Selection', click 'Clear Selection'

Unselect features in a specific layer - from context menu

[2] On the Feature Layer > Data ribbon tab: select the layer in the TOC, on the ribbon click on the Data sub-tab for the Feature Layer context group, and click the Clear button

Unselect features in a specific layer - from ribbon

Hope this helps you with your workflows!

Regards, Nathan.



Thank you for the reply. While your method does allow for the clearing of selected features on a layer by layer basis, why not keep the existing functionality from ArcGIS Desktop? It is nit picky but I do feel that the change is a step backwards in efficiency.

ArcGIS Pro Selection Tab

ArcGIS Desktop Selection Tab

ArcGIS Desktop allows for easy deselecting from a single tab while you need to go into a context menu for each layer you want to deselect in ArcGIS Pro. Implementing the desktop selection/deselection would be a nice quality of life improvement.


Kerwin Talbot


Aha, I see - you're after the full panel-like control, that supports feature selection management and layer selectability.

I'll check with the team responsible for that section of the software and let you know.


In ArcMap the List by Selection Pane (or whatever it is called) in the table of contents allowed us to quickly clear a selection for a particular layer by clicking on "Click Layer to clear layer selection."  In ArcGIS Pro it is much more cumbersome.  We have to right click on each layer, navigate to Selection, then click on Clear Selection.  This makes a task that use to take one click into a task that takes a right click and two additional clicks.  In addition, the first drop down menu has 25 options which makes it difficult to find "Selection."

Request 1:  Bring back the button to clear layer selection so it is easier to find.

Request 2:  Projects may have enough layers such that it requires the use of the slider tool in the selection pane to see results.  This makes the workflow more cumbersome!  I enjoyed the ability to view selectable layers on top.

Request 3:  On the List by Selection add a button to "Only select from this layer"  This button will clear the current selection of all the other layers, however on any new selection the other layers will still be selectable.

These ideas will make it easier to work with selected layers for example if in one selection we select roads, and then the very next moment were selecting boundary polygons, then back to roads....  I dont want to have to change which layers are selectable each time.  I would rather just hit clear selection.





I agree with the above comments... I would like to have the ability to toggle selectability, visibility, and be able to clear selections all in the table of contents like in Desktop. Something that was an all in one option before is now buried in a series of menus and clicks. 


The "List by Selection" pane in ArcMap was so easy to use.  It has had its functionality completely stripped in ArcPro.  It is such a hassle to use now and is such an important part of editing workflows. Please allow us to toggle visibility, selectability, and allow us to clear selection all in the pane.


I also agree. This feature was extremely useful in ArcMap Desktop. I often find myself in the situation where I have to remove selections in multiple layers and it's a pain.

You should make sure all the options for List by Selection follow in the Pro version. What's the point of upgrading a software if you don't migrate the features/tools  that were already existing?

by Anonymous User

I was hoping this thread would lead me to some obvious solution I was missing - I'm also saddened to see that we've lost this capability in Pro. Agreed, it certainly reduces the efficiency, and it's not always practical to have only one layer selectable. It's mostly a tease to have the selection tab and then not be able to go in there and have the functionality we did in Desktop. 


Hi @Anonymous User we're monitoring demand for this - please be sure to add your support by giving the idea a kudo (thumbs up).  Thank you!