Support VB expressions in Calculate Field

02-09-2022 05:49 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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To calculate field there is no more VB option. I'm missing it so much ! As a frequent user but no geek, it took me years build with searching and to accumulate some useful scripts to execute most of the calculations i needed. Now it looks i have to start again with Python.

>> Please add VB option to calculate fields.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

As much as rewriting expressions into a new language can be a headache, or at least time consuming, I can't say I support Esri Development spending time on implementing this functionality when I believe there are so many other suggestions/ideas/functionality that will add more value to ArcGIS Pro than adding back VB support..  Python has much broader implementation and use than VB, both in and out of the geospatial realm, and Python has been supported in ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap for more than a decade allowing plenty of time for transition.