Set Domains in Create Feature Class

03-11-2021 12:42 PM
Status: Open
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Please add the ability to specify the domain for a field when defining fields in the Create Feature Class tool.  It used to be available in ArcMap when you created tables by right-clicking on a geodatabase.

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You need to be clearer which Create FeatureClass tool you are talking about as the Create FeatureClass  geoprocessing tool does not allow you to "define a field" in either ArcMap or ArcPro.


You're correct @DuncanHornby Since in reviewing this I noted the same thing, and since the idea's description says "right-clicking on a geodatabase" the difference is with the create feature class wizard (not geoprocessing tool).

I changed the idea's label from Geoprocessing to Geodatabase so that the correct team can take a look.

Thank you!


Yes, I meant the Create Feature Class wizard.  Sorry, I'm learning ArcGIS Pro and I got the impression that the wizard was actually a GP tool.  I was referring to the pane that opens up when you right-click on a geodatabase and choose New --> Feature Class.  I would swear there are wizards that became GP tools in ArcGIS Pro.


No worries, Nathan.  We've got it and understand the request!