Symbology: Please Represent true Symbol Sizes in the TOC

07-17-2019 08:45 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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When working with Symbology, the TOC should represent the true size of the symbology in the map. 

Please see the attached screenshot.

I am representing the wells in the TOC with 5 manual breaks (graduated symbols). The smallest is a 10 pt circle, and the largest is a 50 pt circle. Notice that in the TOC the smallest circle on top is the only circle that visually looks smaller. There appears to be no change in size to represent the larger 20-50 point circles below it. 

The symbols ARE changing on the map, but not in the TOC.  I'd like the TOC to show the circles getting large to match the map.  (If this means less map real-estate, I'm okay with that in order to have a second visual that my changes are having an effect).

Please note that my other suggestion about auto-apply to symbology changes, ,could dovetail into this suggestion if applied changes took place after all changes to symbology were complete for a given layer. 

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