Auto-Apply for Symbology Changes

Idea created by shlousek on Jul 16, 2019
    • cgutierr_cadoc
    • donna.arnett
    • shlousek
    • Mainmast

    Can we get an "Auto-Apply" option added to changing symbologies? 


    Please see the attached gif.  The part I'd like to simplify  is when I have to hit Apply at the end of this procedure. 


    I'd like my changes to symbology to occur either "on the fly" or when I have finished setting all of the values for a particular layer. 


    In the map I'm working on today I have 7 layers that I need to re-symbolize. Each layer has five different symbols. At present I have to apply the change after each change, (five times for each layer) which is tedious. 


    Like I say, if Auto-Apply is not an option how about at least making it so that before I activate another layer in the TOC THEN I have to hit apply?  That would take 35 applies down to 5 in my particular case.  


    Perhaps this is already an option somewhere??