ArcGIS Pro "Export Map Styles" for bulk saving of symbols

02-24-2020 02:04 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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In ArcGIS Pro, individual symbol and style elements can be saved but there does not appear to be a tool for bulk "exporting" or "saving" of symbols.  See help-

ArcMap has the “Export Map Styles” via customize > tools > export map style. This is very handy for exporting all symbols in a layer or map to a new style.  

Something similar in ArcGIS Pro would be good.

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I completely agree.  It is very time consuming to save each symbol to a style one at a time!!

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I ran into this issue recently and logged ENH-000136480 for ArcGIS Pro which addresses getting this same tool into ArcGIS Pro. 

I was able to find a current workaround for us:

  1. In ArcMap Go to Customize > Customize Mode > Commands > Search for 'Export Map Styles' and add it to the active toolbar. Save the style as a .style format. 
  2. Open ArcGIS Pro and add this .style into the Styles folder. Create a new .stylx in ArcGIS Pro. 
  3. Right click ArcMap's .style > Manage > Ctrl - A to select all symbols and right-click Copy. 
  4. Right click ArcGIS Pro's .stylx > Manage > right click and Paste. This brings all the symbology into ArcGIS Pro's .stylx format. 

Its a lengthy workaround but does work!


ENH-000136480 for ArcGIS Pro ?  I am not able to see or read about this.  I have reached out to Esri Support to link me to it.  The workaround above goes from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro... I need the symbols that are in ArcGIS Pro that were never in a STYLE file.  

by Anonymous User

Hey @WillyLynch2 I just checked in on the enhancement internally and it is listed as 'In Product Plan' I am not able to say a timeline for implementation but there are a number of other cases attached and development is aware. So hopefully this export STYLE feature does come out soon for ArcGIS Pro


This capability is of significant importance to our workflow. As we try to move away from ArcMap over to Pro entirely, it would be good to not have to go back to ArcMap for these types of procedures. 

@Anonymous User Where can I find updates from ESRI on schedule?


@RoseF I don't think we can see a detailed breakdown but they do post roadmaps like the following:


@Waffle_House Yes, thanks for the link; I hadn't seen the "Export Style" tool on the Roadmap so I was hoping an insider would have more details. Anyways, I am hopeful to see this functionality added soon. I'll also have to see if there's a work-around. Thanks again!


I was just looking for this tool, was surprised to find it wasn't there already. Was there any link/confirmation on the roadmap inclusion? Thanks

@Anonymous User could you post a link to the enhancement ENH-000136480 .. I couldn't spot it on the Esri support site.






@MelissaBrooks I think it is/was an internal bug report so I'm not sure if we can see it.

I was on the phone with our ESRI rep a couple weeks ago and he confirmed that there still isn't a way to do this in Pro. Definitely a surprise.


I would like ArcGIS Pro to support export styles to json files. Then it can be used in development enviroment.