Use Arcade to Produce HTML tables in AGOL Popups

04-14-2020 01:58 PM
Status: Implemented
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So I have a piece of data that I have turned into a hosted feature class. This hosted class has all of the stops in it as rows and across are the R_{route} (Total route ridership), R_{route}_BRD (Route boarding), R_{route}_ALT (total route ridership). Since there is no support for data objects I ended up creating a table that has a bunch of 0's in it. Since you cannot dynamically turn off fields based on values, creating an HTML table is impossible to do without programmatically creating HTML in the popups.

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HTML returned through Arcade would help us a TON.  We are currently trying to intersect different featuresets for permit data, in a one-to-many way, and return information and a URL for each permit.  Without the ability to pass HTML, we end up with an unclickable URL.  Even if we break out the URL into its own expression, and pass that separately, since there could be many URLs, it joins them into one, making it unusable.  The HTML table ends up looking like:


If we could either build the link or table with HTML, our problems would be solved!


I know @XanderBakker and @KellyGerrow have had some luck in other applications, but none of those solutions seem to work in this instance.

by Anonymous User

This was implemented at the December 2021 update with Arcade elements. Please let us know if you have any feedback on this feature. Thanks!