ArcGIS Pro Mosaic Datasets - Implement Page Query

08-13-2020 07:41 AM
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Since raster catalogs are no longer a thing in ArcGIS Pro, and we are being pushed towards using mosaic datasets, one of the useful things about raster catalogs was being able to do page definition queries with data driven pages in ArcMap.  The equivalent in ArcGIS Pro would be doing page queries in map series with Mosaic Datasets. This functionality is not available with Mosaic Datasets. 

Quite often we work on environmental remediation projects where we do several hundred raster interpolations at the same location and then create a mapbook of those rasters.  Easily done in ArcMap using a raster catalog, data driven pages and page definition queries.  To my knowledge, this cannot be done in ArcGIS Pro using mosaic datasets.


It would be helpful if ArcGIS Pro had the ability to use a Map Series Index on imagery stored in a raster catalog. I have ~100 sites with 4-5 historical air photos each. In ArcGIS Desktop I would've created a data driven pages index layer and set a couple page definition queries based on a common ID field between the layers and the index layer. I believe I could also do this page querying on a combined raster dataset if it was organized in either a Raster Catalog or Mosaic data type. I see some previous posts about Raster Catalog being removed in Pro along with this functionality but it would be helpful if this could be added back in. Thanks!


Hi @SWATConsultingInc  We merged your idea with this existing one.  Please make sure to add your vote by giving the original a kudo.

Thank you!