Add a Pivot Table widget to Operations Dashboard

11-18-2020 03:38 PM
Status: Implemented
by Anonymous User
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How many times have you wanted to show a summary table of your data in a dashboard?

How great would it be to see a table of all of your inspections sorted by type and summarised by a count/sum/average on one or more fields.

How about your road network summed up by length for each suburb, and then be able to drill down by surface type, then speed limit. as a tool for executive summary and support for operation activities and maintenance are endless and could be very beneficial.


I have had this exact same type of issues with roads. The way I overcame it was by creating views in an SDE geodatabase and then publishing that as a feature service. The only problem with this is that filter in the dashboard will not affect the summary information in the views I created. Having this capability in dashboards would be very useful for me.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

@Anonymous User We are actively working on adding tables to dashboards. It is a bit too soon to offer a target date, but we do plan to support attribute tables, summary tables, and matrix tables. Most of what you list above should be possible, but drilling up/down should probably be considered a separate idea/request as it will be a longer timeframe before we could deliver something like that.   


@patrickb Thank you! This feature would be really really useful.



When the expected release of this widget because I need it.

Status changed to: Implemented

A new table element was introduced in the December 2021 release of ArcGIS Dashboards.  It offers the ability to show a layer's attributes, or show summary statistics. With the use of data expressions and formatting expressions, more advanced tables can be created. The following articles provide a good overview...




@patrickb - can you explain how data can be pivoted using the table element? I don't see a way to do this by simply grouping one column. Pivoting requires the grouping of several columns and/or rows as it is done in excel.

Am I missing something or is pivoting functionality not available?

Thank you for keeping us up to date!


@SNRC  I see where you are coming from. We did not implement something as robust as Excel's PivotTable™  functionality on our new table element. What we implemented addresses this aspect of the original ask:

How great would it be to see a table of all of your inspections sorted by type and summarized by a count/sum/average on one or more fields.

When marking this idea as implemented, I felt that this aligned with the most literal/generic definition of a pivot table, which speaks to the idea of aggregating rows within one (or more) discrete categories, and the summary for each category is provided via and aggregation function like sum, average, count, etc. 

You are correct that in our table element, the config options allow for only one category field. If you want to use more, doing the data grouping in a data expression might work for you.

If you'd like to see some enhancements made to our table element (e.g. to match more capabilities of PivotTable like drilling down to details), please feel free to create new ideas. That way, they can be reviewed and voted on by the community.