Add Pie Charts to ArcGIS Pro Tabular Charts

07-02-2018 07:19 AM
Status: Open
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Can you include Pie Chart into ArcGIS Pro Tabular Charts?

There are currently 8 chart options as per version 2.2 including Bar Charts, Scatter Plots, Histograms, Lines Charts etc... It is possible to use Bar Chart's, rather than Pie charts, to show proportional divisions of data but sometimes Pie Charts look so much better.

Can you introduce Pie Charts as a tabular chart type?

We want pie charts!


+1, seems trivial not sure why this wasnt included in original release?


Exactly the same thoughts... :)


It's really weird that this type of chart is not available. I  think this option would be very useful.

I heard it had to do something about  people sometimes misusing them, like it is stated in this very interesting blog post. However, if they are available in dashboards, I don't see why they can't be available in Pro. Just make the users aware on how to use them properly.


Just migrated to ArcGIS Pro and I can't find a pie chart is the list of charts. I was really hoping it was just me.......


The charting capability in ArcGIS Pro is great, however I think a large portion ArcGIS Pro users would really appreciate being able to make a pie chart. Seems like a simple enough feature to add from a programming stand point and the fact it isn't an option already seems quiet strange.


Yes, please add a basic pie chart.  I have encountered several instances where I need this to add a quick display of showing the percent of total for a small number of categories (less than 4).  So, I end up exporting the chart data to Excel, creating the pie chart there and copying and pasting the chart to the layout.  Would be so much easier if the option existed in Pro.