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ArcGIS PRO export to .stl format for 3D printing

04-04-2018 04:19 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if ArcGIS PRO users could export directly their 3D Map content in ArcGIS PRO in .stl format used directly for 3D printing (Maybe in the Share Tab or as a conversion tool addition to the Toolbox) Since PRO is a 3D application also, it should be involved more with 3D printing. That will also save the users a lot of time and energy because they first need to convert their work to CAD and then proceed with 3d printing.


I raised this issue in several forums during last year's ESRI UC.  The ESRI Pro team acted as though they weren't aware 3D-printers were a thing or why such functionality would be useful.  Our office has a great 3D printer but only the CAD folks are able to make use of it.  I agree that it's strange that this functionality isn't included with Pro.  I work for the National Park Service.  When parks in my region heard we had a 3D-printer, calls started rolling in requesting 3D-printer layouts for display in their visitor centers. 


Yes, it would be nice to export in stl format. Nowadays I have to use Qgis plugin demto3D, but this plugin can convert only terrain. We would like to print models of extinct villages in South Bohemia. To print multipatches of bulding -  its only way to export them as collada and then convert in Meshlab or simillar convertor to stl.


I would use this feature all the time. Until then, QGIS already has the DEMto3D plugin that works quite well.


I could see this also being used in an Urban Planning context.  Our planners would love to have a 3D map of project areas.


has this been resolved?  Thanks!


I use the DEM to 3D Printing tool within QGIS often when generating 3D terrain models and it would be helpful if the entire process could be completed within ArcGIS Pro alone. This would be the one piece missing to streamline the process.


This is the only reason i still use there still no way to accomplish exporting DEM as STL in ArcGIS Pro?


I also would love the ArcGIS Scene to *.stl-function!!!!


Has there been any change here since 2018?

I believe you can export an obj from CityEngine but there isn't a general tool to export a DEM or other raster data to a 3D printable model yet in ArcPro. I don't understand why not. It certainly would be a desirable tool.


Making this come back to life (maybe)?! It would be a really neat educational tool to be able to export STL files straight from ArcGIS Pro to use with 3D printers. It creates a tactile product from GIS that isn't a flat paper map.