Ability to display a table within a widget

11-21-2017 06:30 AM
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Hi I think it would be very beneficial to display a table within a widget in a dashboard.  I have attached a recent request for a dashboard that shows a table (Table 1 Unique Systems) of information that is not part of the attributes but provides supplemental information to support the dashboard.  



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Thanks for raising this is idea! I have a similar need, described here:

Summary Table, rather than graphics ? 

Example tables are as follows:

1 - simple table, counting occurences of unique values for a single attribute:

Example 1

2- advanced table, with a cross-count of features. This includes transposing unique values of a second attribute, to give a finer detail count of occurences.

Example 2.

Many thanks!!



Thank you for bringing this up as well. I have the need for both summary tables and straight attribute table widgets in ESRI dashboards.

For summary stats, I currently use table view in an SDE geodatabase to break a table into a number of statistics. I then created a fake table using the list widget. It gets the job done but it's not really formatted as a table. I would like the functionality to create a table like this without having to build custom views in an SDE geodatabase. It would also be nice if there was a table widget that looks better than a list widget pseudo table. The list widget does not have columns and the number next to the item can be distracting. A table widget would be a much better fit for me.

I also want to display highway log mile and roadID information in the dashboard as a table. That would really need to be formatted as a table. I could not really pull it off in an easily understandable way with a list widget.

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@patrickb  Any idea when this may get rolled out and would it go into Beta or full version?


Status changed to: Implemented

A new table element was introduced in the December 2021 release of ArcGIS Dashboards. The following articles provide a good overview, and some more advanced techniques.