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Add option to round scale up only-Map Series Best Fit

03-27-2023 07:11 AM
Status: Implemented
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Add an option (Boolean-checkbox) to have "Round scale to nearest" value for map series Map Extent: Best Fit Extent round the scale denominator up only, not up or down.

Per a detailed description with illustrations at:

The Map Series definition in Layout Properties allows the map extent to be set to a best fit extent, where scale will be adjusted to show the data for each series page. This includes the ability to specify a "Round scale to nearest" number, which causes the scale denominator to be rounded. Currently, rounding will round to the nearest value, either up or down. This can cause the extent to be set so not all data are drawn.


I like the Round Scale to Nearest functionality of Data Driven Pages, but it would be nice to have a check box or some other implementation to tell it to not round to a smaller scale, only a larger one. I find that sometimes, even with the percentage zoomed out, I sometimes get maps where the rounding ends up pushing features off the map.

Totally agree.
MPS Atlas option to round scale to nearest always rounded up to nearest, never down to nearest. Your area of interest was always guaranteed to be within your map extent parameters. With data driven pages your nearest scale may round down and your area of interest may extend beyond the data frame. You now must run through a full set of "dummy maps" and check each one to see if data has "fallen off the map" then readjust your map extent parameters and do it all again. If your map extents have a large variation in scale then you have to set fairly fine parameters to ensure you don't lose data off the map.
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This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.2. Please see the What's New documentation for more new features in Pro 3.2.