Pro Catalog: Sort by Feature Geometry (e.g. Point, Line, Poly, Table)

12-06-2019 11:37 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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In ArcCatalog, you can turn on the ability to sort by Feature Type and sort by the type of item: feature dataset, relationship class, Point, Line, Poly, Table, etc.

Pro Catalog only allows you to sort by Name and the general type of item - feature class, relationship class, table, etc. You cannot sort by the geometry type of the feature classes.  

Being able to sort by the detailed geometry type is an indispensable step for finding and managing data in databases with a large number of items. Please add this functionality to Pro Catalog! 




Feature classes are sorted, but all the geometries are mixed together, with no ability to sort further (at least not that I am aware of). 


This is likely just a specific part of Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS PRO 

But we should keep this one open.  Ultimately, in ArcCatalog, there are these options:

These need to be included in ArcGIS Pro.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: In Product Plan

From a separate idea that has been closed: Catalog View — Indicate if object is a database view, annotation, etc. in Type column

In the Catalog View:

Database views are currently categorized as tables in the Type column. And annotation FCs are categorized as feature classes.


Those categorizations seem misleading. Could they be changed to better reflect those object types?

There might be other kinds of objects that aren't categorized specifically enough in mobile geodatabases too. I haven't tested them all. See mobile geodatabase datasets for a list.


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