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Bring back highlighting fields that don't match in red in field mapping

03-29-2023 12:35 PM
Status: Implemented
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It would be great if in the field mapping part of the associated geoprocessing tools, the unmatched fields could once again be highlighted in red. This used to be the case in both ArcMap and I'm pretty sure previous versions of ArcGIS Pro but it seems to have fallen off in my current version (3.0.3).  Just having the (0) at the end of the field means more looking and reading to see which fields don't match and if the field names are long you have to resize the whole geoprocessing pane to get to the end of the field name to see if there is a zero there or not.  Previously is was super easy just to drag the scroll bar down to quickly see if there were any unmatched fields.

Just a small thing but if you are redesigning field mapping (as I see you are in other posts) can you just put this back as well?



Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hello @Michele_Hosking, I am sorry you ran into this issue. It is only specific to the Append tool because Append does not allow you to modify the target schema, meaning you cannot add/remove or modify fields. Therefore, we greyed out the text; the missing red text is a byproduct of this feature.

As for the redesign, we are adding the yellow warning icon next to unmapped fields that will explicitly state the field is unmapped when you hover it. We hope this change will help some of our newer field map users understand the issue better rather than assuming based on the red text and “(0)”. The yellow warning icon will be easy to spot as you scroll through your field map, and thanks to your idea, we will be sure to add the feature to the Append tool.

Status changed to: Implemented

This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.

You will find a yellow warning icon next to output or modified fields that have no source field. And you can hover over the icon to view more information about the issue.

Please check out this blog to learn more about the updates we made to the field map in Pro 3.2.