Sort Table Attribute Dynamic Text based on Symbology order

08-09-2021 02:52 PM
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Table Attribute Dynamic text sorted as per the Symbology Order and legend, specifically I'd like to be able to show the area of a polygon besides its legend patch dynamically.  Currently the attributes look to be sorted by objectid.

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I'm not sure what you are looking for here. You can add a different text element for each layer and place it near the legend. Are you trying to add them all as a single piece of text? 

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See picture.  In the layout, the legend item is the Timber Type.  For a given area, there can be one or several Timber types.  The legend is set to only show what is visible in the map.  Currently for the Type Area, I have to manually type in the associated area.  I would like to use dynamic text for this and sort the dynamic text for the Type Area to be the same as the Legend. I can use a function with Shape_Area to convert to hectares and round to one digit with Table Attribute Dynamic text, but it is not sorted the same.


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