ArcGIS Pro - Fill a column completely before going to the next in the layout table frame

11-18-2019 02:09 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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Often we use table frames in ArcGIS Pro for populating dynamic data based on the tables. But there seems to be an issue in content fitting strategy while using table frames (adjusting font sizes, columns). We do not have a functionality, currently to make the table frame fill one column completely before going to the next column. Here is a Geo-Net link explaining the issue in detail.

ArcGIS Pro Table Frame content fitting strategy issue 


This would be a great enhancement to ArcGIS Pro. Even to just have more autonomy and control over the appearance and format of tables would be a huge help to a lot of users.


Please make this happen! I have created a street name index using techniques mentioned in a post from 2007 ( I would like to display my records in a table frame rather than doing the work in excel and adding a static table. It would be great if the table frame would store the same number of records/rows in each column before overflowing to the next, avoiding an unsightly staircase effect in the table on my map.




When using table frames in ArcGIS Pro Layout view (with multiple columns), allow rows to fill out the 1st, 2nd, then the next column VS spread out evenly among all columns. The location of where data would start to fill from would be tied to the anchor point (Ex: from bottom right in the DesiredEffect jpg attachment)

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