Custom Pane Settings in "Reset Panes" Menu

09-27-2019 12:36 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I would like to see the ability to save custom pane arrangements to be used in the "Reset Panes" menu. I love the idea of resetting the panes, but none of the built-in options quite match what I'm working on. I often need access to Manage Records, Tasks, the Python Console, but in different combinations and arrangements, depending on the workflow I'm in.

Being able to add to that list of presets would save me a lot of time, and seems relatively doable, as there are already presets in place.


I have a particular way I like to set up my panes, but sometimes I will get into a project that opens panes I rarely use or for some reason my panes just get messed up. Then I spend time putting all my panes back the way I like. In the View tab there is a tool called Reset Panes with a choice of three configurations, and clicking one will reset all the panes (and close all the ones not in the configuration). But that's usually a pretty minimal setup and never has the specific panes I want. What if there were an option on that menu to save my own pane configuration and have it appear on the menu. Then at any time I can restore a custom pane layout that I have developed.

Note the additional Save option and the new pane configuration added to the list of choices.

A format for a pane configuration file must already exist because there are three on this menu. They can just add the capability to save new ones - and probably a manager interface like Bookmarks has so that you can overwrite or delete them.

This also solves some of the other Idea suggestions of being able to close unwanted panes when you are through with a session. Just save your pane layout when you start, do your magic, and reset to your custom configuration when you are done.


Thank you for submitting this idea David Allen‌.  Yes, this would like resolve or alleviate other requests like 

Close unnecessary panes in ArcGIS Pro on project close 


This would make getting a new project up and running faster if you already have a pane layout for the workflow involved already made.

For anyone that likes this idea, I would recommend checking out an idea to save pane layouts to the project file: Save open panes in ArcGIS Pro at the project level, not the user 


Yo @KoryKramer! I just ran into this with an education user and honestly, I never even knew we had the reset panes button, which is a huge help. 

Yet - I can definitely see a benefit of having a couple different 'environments' that could be enabled with a custom reset panes configuration. Is this anything that is possible yet, or has been considered by anyone?

@jcarlson- I was just pointed to this 'Idea' as well:

Worth voting on for sure!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Woohoo! @KoryKramer - excited to have this under consideration - would be a great enhancement to speed up 'house cleaning' in Pro.


I would love to have a pane setting that I could customize for Database Administration!





Any updates @KoryKramer?  This would be very helpful!


@KoryKramer , any updates? Would be soooooo useful



Hi @Marie_Ducharme No, sorry, no substantive update right now. We have this as an item in the development backlog...

For you, @JacobBurdick1 and @LeonS (as the most recent commenters) can you share some example screenshots of pane configurations that you have and would want to set as custom setups?

For example, Leon, you talk about your "Database Administration" setup. Can you show us a screenshot of that set up and point out which panes are which (if it isn't easily discernable from the image?). 

This will be helpful to ensure we're all on the same page when thinking about the implementation.

Thank you